Work Breakdown Structure

Work Breakdown Structure Increases Focus and Reduces Scope Creep

Experienced facilitators understand both the challenge and value of getting a group to focus on the same thing at the same time. For most project-related meetings, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) provides a simple method to increase focus. According to Goldblatt’s Triple Constraint Theory, mitigate risk through focused discussion on the cost, schedule, and scope of…

Scrum’s Evidence-based Methodology

Scrum’s Evidence-based Methodology Improves the Agility of Your Group

Our alumni understand that leadership and facilitation are simpler and easier than developing the optimal methodology.  Therefore, consider Scrum’s Evidence-Based Management for Software Organizations (EBMgt™)[1] that measures value to improve your organizational agility. The EBMgt approach enables service organizations and groups to make rational, fact-based decisions, elevating conversations from preferences and opinions to logic and insight.…

Embrace a Structurred Approach to Build Consensus

Three Behaviors Guaranteed To Improve Your Ability to Build Consensus

Structured Leadership, Facilitation, and Methodology: How to Build Consensus Meetings capture a huge investment of time. Unproductive meetings affect your cash flow, morale, and potential growth of your biggest asset, your people. As frequent and important as we attend meetings, little (if any) structured training has been provided to help us become better meeting participants,…

Structured Facilitation Sessions

Five Compelling Business Reasons To Use Structured Facilitation Sessions

The most important action you take every day is to make choices–to decide. Your productivity amplifies when your decisions are optimal. Therefore, choose wisely when to work alone, speak with another person, or call for a meeting. Here are five compelling reasons for when to use structured facilitation sessions: Advantages to Structured Facilitation Sessions Higher…

Problem Meetings

17 Challenging Personality Types and How To Manage Them to Avoid Problem Meetings

Always empower your participants, but learn to control challenging personality types to avoid problem meetings. First of all, the deliverable or decision is theirs, not yours. Therefore, manage politics by removing ideas from the individual participant and turning it over to the entire group. Because it’s not WHO is right, rather WHAT is right that…

MG RUSH Certified Structured Facilitation Training

MG RUSH Certified, Professional, Endorsed Facilitators are Helping to Solve World Problems

MG RUSH Certified, Professional, Endorsed Facilitators are truly special. Thousands of alumni have earned promotions to executive positions, directorships, and C-level responsibility. MG RUSH facilitators lead groups ranging from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to greenfield initiatives about the genetic bar-coding of zebra meat to prevent illegal poaching. Furthermore, many alumni branch out on their own as independents,…

science of teamwork

The New Science of Teamwork: Is it new or just MG RUSH Professional Facilitation at work?

The lead article in the March-April (2017) Harvard Business Review reads like a promotion for our MG RUSH Professional Leadership, Facilitation, and Methodology training. The principal recommendations in Johnson and Christfort’s article, The New Science of Teamwork, have been a mainstay in our curriculum for over ten years now. With the research they amassed to support their…