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MG RUSH Facilitation Store

Facilitation Store | Online Facilitation Training

Effective facilitators require a variety of tools. From Brain Breaks to Computational Decisions Models to Excel templates that help speed up calculations and provide you with field-tested formulas to save you time, MG RUSH wants to make sure you have the right tools in your facilitator’s toolbox.

Facilitation Store | Online Facilitation Training

MG RUSH has received hundreds of requests for our self-running break timers. Our unique break timers, which run on either PowerPoint or Keynote, entertain and inform your meeting members, while easily addressing the question “How much more time do we have?”

MG Rush Facilitation Store
Illustrations help capture conceptsideas, and processes which replace the use of words. They enable participants to agree on concepts; create a memorable strategic plan for vision, mission, and objectives; explore complex ideas; find common ground and overcome communication problems; identify key problems; “See” what we mean; and visualize the scope of the issue.
Facilitation Store | Online Facilitation Training

White Papers covering facilitation methodologies, presentation skills, techniques, theories and more. All aimed at helping you run better meetings! Check back frequently for new additions.