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In addition to qualifying as an MG RUSH Certified Structured Facilitator, students who successfully complete our 452 Professional, 301 Fundamentals or our 250 Agile Scrum Facilitation Training qualify for up to 40 CDUs (IIBA), 40 PDUs (PMI), 40 SEUs (SCRUM) and receive the necessary training to stand for their IAF (International Association of Facilitators) certification. We also provide 3.2 CEUs for other professions.

Discounts are available for nonprofit organizations, larger groups, and MG RUSH Alumni. (If requesting a discount choose “Invoice Me” and add your request to the comment section or contact us at 1-630-954-5880)

* Classes may be photographed or filmed.  Images may be used by MG RUSH in printed and online media.

452 Professional Facilitation

MG RUSH Certified Structured Professional Facilitator

452 Professional Facilitation Training (5-day)
FEB 11-15 2019Phoenix, AZ$2,650.00$2,950.00$2,950.00
MAR 25-29 2019Columbus, OH$2,650.00$2,950.00$2,950.00
JUN 10-14 2019Nashville, TN$2,650.00$2,950.00$2,950.00
AUG 26-30 2019Seattle, WA$2,650.00$2,950.00$2,950.00
SEP 23-27 2019Washington DC$2,650.00$2,950.00$2,950.00
DEC 02-06 2019Houston, TX$2,650.00$2,950.00$2,950.00
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MG RUSH Certified Structured Facilitation Training

Agile Scrum and Fundamentals alumni who wish to earn their Certified Structured Professional Facilitator certification (CSPF), may take the capstone portion (last 2 days) of our 452 training. Contact us at Training@MGRushFacilitation.com for price and dates.

301 Facilitation Fundamentals

MG RUSH Certified Structured Fundamentals Facilitator

301 Facilitation Fundamentals Training (3-Day)
FEB 11-13 2019Phoenix, AZ$2,050.00$2,250.00$2,250.00
MAR 25-27 2019Columbus, OH$2,050.00$2,250.00$2,250.00
JUN 10-12 2019Nashville, TN$2,050.00$2,250.00$2,250.00
AUG 26-28 2019Seattle, WA$2,050.00$2,250.00$2,250.00
SEP 23-25 2019Washington DC$2,050.00$2,250.00$2,250.00
DEC 02-04 2019Houston, TX$2,050.00$2,250.00$2,250.00
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250 Agile Scrum Facilitation

MG RUSH Certified Agile Scrum Facilitation

250 Agile Scrum Facilitation Training Schedule (2.5 Days)
APR 12-14 2019 Denver, CO$1,490.00$1,690.00$1,690.00
MAY 03-05 2019 Minneapolis, MN$1,490.00$1,690.00$1,690.00
OCT 16-18 2019 Indianapolis, IN$1,490.00$1,690.00$1,690.00
NOV 22-24 2019 Orlando, FL$1,490.00$1,690.00$1,690.00
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352 Strategic Planning

352 Strategic Planning Leadership, Facilitation, and Methodology Training

352 Strategic Planning Schedule (3 Days)
JAN 18-20 2019San Jose, CA$2,050.00$2,250.00$2,250.00
JUL 19-21 2019Charlotte, NC$2,050.00$2,250.00$2,250.00
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650 Advanced Facilitation

MG RUSH Certified Advanced Structured Facilitator

650 Advanced Facilitation Training (2-Day)
JAN 21-22 2019San Jose, CA$1,450.00$1,450.00
OCT 21-22 2019Indianapolis, IN$1,450.00$1,450.00
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*For experienced facilitators who have taken formal facilitation training (preferably our 452 professional-level course) and have facilitated twelve or more meetings or three or more full-day workshops. Contact us at Training@MGRushFacilitation.com if you have any questions concerning your qualification.)

Private Facilitation

Public facilitation training calendar

CHOICE – Private Facilitation Training (on-site and customizable)


To make tailored courses easy, we have a three-step process that enables us to isolate and concentrate on the specific needs of private groups. Typical variables in the design of your custom class include:

  • Learning objectives
  • Class length
  • Coverage of facilitation fundamentals
  • Time spent in exercises
  • Budget
  • Number of participants
  • Prior training and experience
  • Special content for your organization

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750 Board Meeting Management

750 Board Meeting Management (2-Day)


Conduct substantially more effective Board Meetings and Committee Meetings. Offer our compressed, two-day course, 750 Board Meeting Management, for your captive group. Meetings may inform but are best used to deliver up decisions and plans.  This curriculum focuses on building consensus around complex decisions and creating clear plans. “WHO does WHAT” (and by when) defines the term ‘plan’.

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