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Terrence Metz, CEO MG RUSH Facilitation Training

Terrence Metz, CEO, MG RUSH Facilitation Training & Coaching

Our purpose is to help you become a better leader so that you, your team, and your organization are more successful. It’s that simple…we want you to succeed!

How will we do this? By offering fresh perspectives and insightful alternatives to the way you may be leading groups today. At MG RUSH, we’re facilitation training experts. We have over 300 posts on topics ranging from Prioritization and Managing Conflicts, to Facilitating Projects and Building Alignment. To help you sort through our extensive library, hover over CATEGORIES in our menu above. If you’re new to facilitation, we suggest you begin with the three posts below.

Finally, don’t forget…

“Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.”  – Jimi Hendrix

Facilitation Blog

Here are the eight most common reasons, or meeting purposes, and some of the benefits and problems associated with each…

Facilitation Blog

Even a lousy book or movie includes a beginning, a middle, and an end.  Make sure you begin with a solid meeting introduction.

Facilitation Blog

During a meeting, manage your open issues with a Parking Lot. Then convert meeting parking lot issues into actions…