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At MG RUSH we live, breathe and sleep facilitation–well, sometimes we sleep–so, we have to ask, Are you ready to make it easy? Our Resources section provides links to facilitation tools, tips, and more, all aimed at making you a more efficient, productive facilitator.

  • Facilitator’s Glossary

    The facilitator’s vocabulary is a critical tool in communicating the purpose, means, and results of a facilitation effort. We have built this vocabulary over many years. Many of the terms have been thrashed about again and again. We believe this lexicon provides a solid foundation for facilitators and participants.

  • MG RUSH Facilitation Store

    Browse our site for meeting tools and solutions, as well as, links to online and on-location facilitation training. If there’s something you’re looking for and can’t find – let us know!

  • Facilitation Training Videos

    Lead better, faster, more productive meetings now! Improve your facilitation skills with our five Basic Facilitation Skills videos taught by Terrence Metz, Lead Facilitation Instructor at MG RUSH Facilitation Training. Terrence will walk you step by step showing how, why, and where to use each tool in the meeting process. 


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       Facilitation Training (FAST

                      (Ask our alumni!)

“You are my new hero.  The breath of your knowledge is so impressive.” K.S., Senior Business Information Technology Consultant

December 5, 2017

“During my eleven years at ___, this is probably the best class I’ve taken here” – C.P., Project Manager

November 11, 2015

“I read a quote from Google’s Sr VP of People Operations: “The only training you [as a company] should invest in is training that changes behavior.”  I attended the FAST Facilitation Training workshop that Terrence Metz and the MG Rush Company hosted in Washington, DC. What a fantastic, intense, and engaging 5 days – Terrence’s passion for teaching us the FAST techniques and for improving our own confidence to lead a workshop or meeting, along with his energy for changing BEHAVIOR were contagious!

I would highly and unhesitatingly recommend Terrence’s FAST Facilitation course to anyone who leads meetings, facilitates workshops, or simply wants to improve their ability to effectively lead a project to success.” – Mindy K, Senior Analyst

November 11, 2015

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