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Over the years, students and alumni have clamored for a simple reference sheet of our curriculum and how to prepare for a meeting. We think we have it now and hope you agree.

Meetings can be expensive and wasteful, especially when poorly prepared. Therefore, download a PDF of the Meeting Pathway guide and Workshop Canvas on our Facilitator Resources page or under the Alumni section of our website. Additionally, posters are available for purchase in various sizes and formats at our Facilitation Store.

  • Graphic Meeting Pathway to thoroughly prepare and ensure meeting success.
  • The Workshop Canvas aligns expectations for meeting and workshop charters.

    Meeting Pathway, Meeting Map

    Meeting Pathway to Success

Meeting Pathway to Success

Julia Reich, graphic recorder of Stone Soup Creative, should be applauded (and hired) because her Meeting Pathway to Success provides a simple-to-follow guide for complex events called meetings (or workshops). Intended for individuals working on their own, Meeting Pathway begins with the end in mind (DONE). It concludes with your final preparatory activities. Follow the six steps in the Meeting Pathway to remember everything critical to the success of your meetings (or workshops).

Meeting Pathway provides a color-coded, single-page reference to the significant components of an important meeting or workshop, and includes:

Workshop Canvas

We are also introducing the first and only structured Workshop Canvas.

Use the Workshop Canvas to supplement the Meeting Pathway to reinforce clarity and help build consensus around the components of a successful meeting from your group’s perspective. The Workshop Canvas establishes a consensual tone based on transparency and evidence-based decision-making. Order a large poster version for use with Post-It® Notes, then photograph your ongoing development, and share it with other stakeholders as appropriate.

The Workshop Canvas includes 37 preparatory considerations.

Review and adapt them for each meeting or workshop. The three vectors of leadership [WHY}, facilitation [WHAT], and methodology [HOW] are considered and prompted. They cut across four primary dimensions including Deliverable, Culture, Commitment, and Logistics.

Workshop Canvas and 37 Questions to Answer Before Your Meeting Starts

MG RUSH alumni have immediate access to a brochure that includes both the Meeting Pathway (11 x 17) and the Workshop Canvas.

Poster versions of both are also available in the Facilitation Store in paper quality from a simple matte finish to photographic glossy on foam mount. For more information and prices go to Meeting Pathway or Workshop Canvas.


Register for a class or forward this to someone who should. MG RUSH  professional facilitation curriculum focuses on practicing methodology. Each student thoroughly practices and rehearses tools before class concludes. While some call this immersion, we call it the road to building impactful facilitation skills.

Become Part of the Solution While You Improve Your Facilitation, Leadership, and Methodology Skills

MG RUSH Professional Facilitation curriculum provides an excellent way to earn up to 40 SEUs from the Scrum Alliance, 40 PDUs from PMI, 40 CDUs from IIBA, and 3.2 CEUs. As a member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), our Professional Facilitation, our training fully aligns with IAF Certification and International Institute for Facilitation (INIFAC) principles. Consequently, our professional curriculum fully prepares alumni for their Certified Professional Facilitator designation.

Furthermore, all of our classes immerse students in the responsibilities and dynamics of effective facilitation and methodology. Nobody is smarter than everybody so attend an MG RUSH  Professional Facilitation, Leadership, and Methodology workshop offered around the world. For additional details, see MG RUSH  for a current schedule.

Go to the Facilitation Training Store to access proven in-house resources. Because there you will discover fully annotated agendas, break timers, and templates. Finally, take a few seconds to buy us a cup of coffee and please click FORWARD to one of your associates.

In conclusion, we dare you to embrace the will, wisdom, and activities that amplify a facilitative leader.

Facilitation Expert

Terrence Metz, CSM, PSPO, CSPF, is the Managing Director of MG RUSH Facilitation Training and Coaching, the acknowledged leader in structured facilitation training. His FAST Facilitation Best Practices blog features over 300 articles on facilitation skills and tools aimed at helping others lead faster, more productive meetings and workshops that yield higher quality decisions. His clients include Agilists, Scrum teams, program and project managers, senior officers, and the business analyst community among numerous private and public companies and global corporations. As an undergraduate of Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) and MBA graduate from NWU’s Kellogg School of Management, his professional experience has focused on process improvement and product development. He continually aspires to make it easier for others to succeed.

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