Three Valid Meeting Types

3 Review Meetings: Operational, Strategy, and Strategy Renewal

  Deliverables should drive meetings, even review meetings. Face-to-face time is too expensive to hold unstructured discussions and hope some of it sticks. Hence, here find three strong reasons for conducting review meetings,  Additionally, find comments on the different types of deliverables, frequency, and structure for each.  3 Review Meetings Operational Review  Strategy Review Strategy…

Group Decision Making Quality

Influences through Styles of Group Decision Making

We have applied modern research about decision quality with material found in Vroom and Yetton’s robust volume, “Leadership and Decision-Making”. Here they identify eight styles of group decision-making. Modern research has well proven that groups typically make higher quality decisions than the smartest person in the group (ie, individuals).  Therefore, it is relatively easy to…

How to Build Consensus---FAST

What is FAST, Why You Should Care, and How FAST Can Help You

MG RUSH created the FAST technique for running more effective meetings and workshops that require group input, consensus, and decision-making. You should care about What is FAST if you personally lead meetings, teams, and groups of people because the FAST technique will make you more successful. Most academic books, classes, and courses focus on the individual;…