Not Meeting Conflict but Voting leads to lower quality decisions

How You Can Convert Meeting Conflict into More Robust Decision-making

There is no instructional class in the world that will teach you how to facilitate a resolution to all meeting conflict.  Sometimes, people or parties refuse to agree simply because they do not like each other.  Fortunately you can rely on a three-step method that helps manage meeting conflict and secure consensus that is repeatable…

Customer Moat Cover

“Customer Moat: Unveiling the Secrets of Business Strategy”

Eddie Sung (Author) has released an easily readable book, Customer Moat: Unveiling the Secrets of Business Strategy, that some might call a primer.  Although his discussion does not break new ground (like “Blue Ocean Strategy), he brings life and enjoyable reading to the basics of profit building, illustrating the complex interrelationship of customer voice mixed…

Stop Saying I

The Most Effective Facilitators Stop Saying I — Use Pluralistic Rhetoric

As an effective facilitator, stop saying I For some, it is quite natural to substitute the plural “we” or “us”.  For others, it remains a significant challenge.  If you find it is a challenge, consider this opportunity as the number one change you can make to become a more effective facilitator. Stop saying I. We have witnessed…

How to Facilitate Conference Presentations

How to Facilitate Actions from Conference Presentations

During a recent four-day conference, we facilitated more than 20 speakers and multiple presentations with very distinctive topics ranging from embracing social responsibility to utilizing Google® Hangouts for small groups.  Participants highly applauded our approach so we are sharing it with you, helping you become a more effective facilitator. As the MG RUSH technique instructs, we began…

Three Questions for Clarity and Precision

How to Be Precise with Three Transition Questions: Do NOT Ask “How Do You Solve Global Hunger?”

Transition questions are highly effective because you cannot develop a plan, any plan, such as a marketing plan, by asking “What is the marketing plan?”  The question is so broad as to be DUMB. We have learned during facilitated meetings and workshops, that it’s not easy for participants to respond to broad questions like “How…

Program Management Illustrated by Mackenzie's Management Process in 3-D

Differences Between Skills of Project and Program Management

Close analysis of the PMBOK® version5 suggests that all skills required for effective project management are also required for program management. The differences between project management and program management reflect the prioritization and relative importance of skills to each role. At a high-level, both project management and program management require: Conceptual skills Design skills Human skills Technical skills However,…

Questions to Ask Preparing for Strategy Execution

4 Phases: Strategy Execution Map, Great Questions to Ask

Discovering and creating a Strategy Execution Map may proceed in four phases: Preparation:  Evidence-based discussion relies on facts, opinions, and perceptions gathered during a workshop from key stakeholders. See the questions below to guide your agenda and construct for your Strategy Execution Map. Education:  This phase will describe the process end-to-end to establish a common vocabulary…

FAST is a Better Idea for Facilitating Complex Issues

How The FAST Facilitation Technique Helps You Succeed

One of the many tools used by MG RUSH in our Professional Facilitation training is the FAST facilitation technique. The FAST facilitation technique ensures that meetings and workshops that require group input will be more effective in building consensus and producing quality decisions. As the Facilitator, it helps make you a more successful leader and methodologist.…

Three Valid Meeting Types

3 Review Meetings: Operational, Strategy, and Strategy Renewal

  Deliverables should drive meetings, even review meetings. Face-to-face time is too expensive to hold unstructured discussions and hope some of it sticks. Therefore, here find three strong reasons for review meetings and additional comments on the different types of deliverables, frequency, and structure for each.  3 Review Meetings Operational Review  Strategy Review Strategy Renewal…

A Simple, Generic, and Effective One Page Agenda Template

The Best One Page Agenda Template for a One Hour Meeting

Chances are your all-in costs to your organization amount to at least USD$150 per hour.  With eight of you in a one-hour meeting, you are going to ‘burn’ at $20 per minute. Stop treating one-hour meetings too lightly. We probably waste more time and money in briefer meetings, than full-day workshops. Here is the framework for the…