scope creep

Scope Creep Kills Projects – It Begins in Poorly Facilitated Meetings

Have you ever heard someone say in a meeting “I don’t know why we’re doing this project in the first place?” Odds are, the meeting is being held to advance the project, not re-validate it. The person asking the question has now imposed their agenda on the group. They have forced scope creep [1]. Whenever…

Scrum Facilitation

Don’t Ruin Your Scrum Sprints — Facilitate Scrum Events Using These Agendas

The Agile mindset demands frequent, if not constant, interaction among its project stakeholders. Perhaps more so with Scrum, than other frameworks. From Daily Scrum activities to Sprint Retrospective events held every one to four weeks, having a formal facilitator or being a facilitative participant adds tremendous value to successful Sprints. So, who facilitates Scrum events…

Real-Win-Worth Questions

Real-Win-Worth Provides a Superior Facilitating Opportunity

In an earlier article (see: Risk Analysis – Method and Questions to Facilitate a Portfolio of Projects) we defined “best” as projects that scored favorably in an Innovation test by looking at the relative technology and market risks associated with new ideas (eg, process, product, etc.). Similarly, with this article (geared for experienced facilitators and methodologists,…

Facilitation Skills

Strong Facilitation Skills Guarantee More Successful Meetings

Successful leaders have one thing in common: Strong facilitation skills. What are these facilitation skills and how many do you need to lead a successful meeting? Depending on who you ask, there may be: 6 Essential Facilitator Skills 9 Meeting Facilitation Skills 9 Facilitation Skill Competencies Top 11 Facilitator Skills and of course, many, many…

Risk Analysis - Failure or Innovation?

Risk Analysis – Method and Questions to Facilitate A Portfolio of Projects

You know that project portfolios focused on the best opportunities accelerate innovation. So how do you build consensus around the term “best”? George Day’s article[1] provides excellent logic to help you drive a consensual view of risk analysis. “The risk analysis matrix employs a unique scoring system and calibration of risk. It helps estimate the…

Action Plan = Assignments

How to Build Action Plans with Shared Ownership and Accountability

To build an action plan that transfers ownership and accountability to your meeting participants, begin with the right questions, in the right sequence. Be one of the few facilitators who understands that ownership transfers instantly because participants offer their own “WHO does WHAT by WHEN,” the primary components of any action plan. Consequently, whether you’re…

Leveraging Agile ScrumMaster Facilitator Techniques

Scrum Master Facilitator Techniques Improve Meetings

Agile’s Scrum Master facilitator techniques ensure that business communities get quick and responsive results. Constant feedback helps teams prioritize and make adjustments. A Scrum Masters facilitates against impediments and for product owners’ requirements to support development team efforts. Scrum Master experience and discipline prove that every structured meeting should embrace ‘agile’ practices. Professional facilitation lends…