Agile vs Waterfall

Agile vs Waterfall? Don’t Risk Failure By Using the Wrong One

A professional facilitator handles several types of assignments, from planning through design. However, most facilitators must also provide a method for securing the deliverable. Although a different role, the ‘methodologist’ responsibilities make up the most important part of preparing for many meetings. How will you lead the group successfully from the Introduction through the Wrap? When…

Scrum Facilitation

Don’t Ruin Your Scrum Sprints — Facilitate Scrum Events Using These Agendas

The Agile mindset demands frequent, if not constant, interaction among its project stakeholders. Perhaps more so with Scrum, than other frameworks. From Daily Scrum activities to Sprint Retrospective events held every one to four weeks, Scrum facilitation adds tremendous value to successful Sprints. The following activities and events instruct on how to facilitate Scrum events.…

Real-Win-Worth Questions

Real-Win-Worth Provides a Superior Facilitating Opportunity

In an earlier article (see: Risk Analysis – Method and Questions to Facilitate a Portfolio of Projects) we defined “best” as projects that scored favorably in an Innovation test by looking at the relative technology and market risks associated with new ideas (eg, process, product, etc.). Similarly, with this article (geared for experienced facilitators and methodologists,…


New Ideas Propel Public Relations Innovation to Influence Service and Community

Alex Osborn, the cohesive force behind creating ‘brainstorming’, shared a message with public relations professionals in 1948. Today, his message resonates louder than ever: facts and scientific research may be used to clarify our public problems, yet evidence alone “cannot find solutions unless populated by new ideas”[1] Ideas that could arise from public relations innovation.…