Why Invest In Professional Facilitation Training?

Structured facilitation skills increase confidence and effectiveness when leading meetings, workshops, and presentations. Professional facilitation skills produce higher quality, consensual deliverables that help you and your organization excel! You learn through extensive practicing how to:


focused discussions and get everyone to contribute rather than doing “who knows what” on their mobile devices.


conflict, including ”problem people”, dysfunctional behavior, and mitigate political resistance.


meeting scope creep and extended ramblings unrelated to your meeting objectives and deliverable.


meeting cultures where your participants show up unprepared, disinterested, or unvested.

Why Train With MG RUSH?

MG RUSH Certified Structured Facilitation Training

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MG Rush Facilitation Training and Coaching
  • MG RUSH alumni have been promoted to become leaders and executives around the world.
  • Our Professional Facilitation Training has become more widely used and accepted than any other structured facilitation technique.
  • The ongoing growth of facilitation in Northern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East is directly related to our alumni.
  • PLUS: MG RUSH Alumni enjoy access to hundreds of proven facilitation tools and resources. A sampling of these are available in our Facilitator Resources tab.

“Thanks so much for an enlightening experience. Course format is aggressive but in a good way. Absolutely fantastic!  Your knowledge of the field is encyclopedic.  WOW !!”   – R.M., Process Improvement/Process Consulting Specialist  (see more…)