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Why Invest In Facilitation Training?

Structured facilitation skills increase confidence and effectiveness when leading meetings, workshops, and presentations—producing higher quality, consensual deliverables that will help you and your organization excel!


Facilitation Training in Washington, DC - October 3rd - 7th

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Why Train With MG RUSH?


…with a world class instructor. At MG RUSH we never hire contractors to teach our classes. You only learn with practitioners and experts!


Truth: You don’t learn how to facilitate when the instructor’s lips are moving. That’s why 80% of your class time is devoted to demonstration and practice.


Students who successfully complete our 452 Professional Facilitation course qualify for up to 40 PMI PDUs, IIBA CDUs, CEUs, and Scrum Alliance SEUs.


Honest, comprehensive daily feedback helps you improve immediately. We won’t lie to you, we’ll make you better.


Our structured curriculum comes from years of experience, research, and innovative thinking that fully compliments Agile, JAD, Lean, SCRUM, SDLC, and other methodologies. Our Professional FAST reference manual and on-line resources are updated weekly. 


We’re so sure our facilitation training surpasses any other, we guarantee that if you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund your tuition.



Facilitation versus Facilitating

At MG RUSH, we shift the thinking of our participants from facilitation (as a noun or a static way of being) to facilitating (as a verb or a dynamic way of doing)—truly making it easier for meeting participants to make more informed decisions.  Facilitating is based on speaking with people rather than at them. Facilitating is about creating an environment that is conducive to productivity and breakthrough. Facilitating is about stimulating and inspiring people. Facilitating amplifies the DNA of the modern leader.

We build understanding around the role of structured facilitating—getting participants to improve . . .

  • how to think about group decision-making
  • skills such as clear speaking, precise questioning, keen observing, and active listening
  • the criticality of being content-neutral; passionate about results, yet unbiased about path
  • the importance of the holarchy (ie, organizational goal alignment)
  • the role (of facilitator) is not the person, rather a temporary position (like a referee)

MG RUSH Facilitation Training

We develop a practical understanding among participants about the differences and challenges of becoming a facilitative leader that extend beyond those of a modern leader.  Modern leaders exhibit traits that head in the right direction, compared to traditional or historic leaders, but further shift is required to be truly facilitative so that groups and teams realize the full potential of consensus, commitment, and ownership.

About MG Rush Facilitation Training

Morgan Madison and Company acquired the rights to the FAST  Facilitation technique in 2004. Today, as MG RUSH, we provide an enhanced, more robust version of FAST, created through extensive research of effective facilitation methods, thousands of hours of applied facilitation, and a focus on decision quality.  FAST  continues to fill gaps left by other techniques and enables you to make structured facilitation highly potent for all meetings and workshops. 

FAST Professional Structured Facilitation reflects years of intensive field testing with new methodologies that reflect the modern organization: agile, distributed, electronic, and multi-cultural inclusiveness. Our improved FAST  technique places a strong emphasis on consensus building, decision quality, requirements gathering, and project management excellence.


To make it easier for others to add value through

plans that are shared,

decisions that resonate,

and activities that harmonize with one another.

                                                                                                       — T. Metz, President

MG RUSH Facilitation Training has seeded the FAST  technique at thousands of companies, including some of the largest, most recognizable in the world. We are the acknowledged leader in structured meeting management and facilitated workshops for information gathering, planning, decision-making, and team leadership.

Our course participants come from a variety of backgrounds: project and product managers, analysts, operations leads, group managers, planners, quality experts, mediators and advisors, directors and officers, VPs and AVPs, assistants and coordinators, and specialists or consultants of all types.

MG Rush Facilitation TrainingMG RUSH Accomplishments

  • FAST  Professional Facilitation Training is the only class on structured facilitation endorsed by the SCRUM Alliance, PMI, and IBAA.

  • FAST  Professional Facilitation Training is the first and only class on structured facilitation to be offered in Amsterdam, Anchorage, Atyrau, Bangkok, Doha, Jakarta, Lagos, London, Luanda, and other sites worldwide.

  • The FAST  technique is used in over 3,000 companies and 50 countries.

  • We are the first company to introduce the concept of the holarchy to structure alignment throughout an organization or enterprise.
  • We have developed and deliver classes, including our Professional Facilitation Training (4 and 5 day classes), Facilitation Fundamentals and an incredibly flexible curriculum called CHOICESM.   CHOICE enables you to customize structured facilitation training to fit your company’s time, budget, and participants’ content needs. Learn More

Join Our Elite Class Of Alumni

MG Rush has trained the best structured facilitators in the world.
  • MG RUSH alumni are among the most effective, successful facilitators, leaders, and executives in the world.
  • Our FAST Professional Facilitation has become more widely used and accepted in corporations than any other structured facilitation technique, while embracing Agile, JAD, Lean, SCRUM, SDLC, and other methodologies and derivatives.
  • The ongoing growth of facilitation in Northern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East is directly related to our alumni.
  • PLUS: MG RUSH Alumni enjoy access to hundreds of proven facilitation tools and resources. A sampling of these are available in our Facilitator Resources tab. ENROLL NOW

What MG Rush Alumni Are Saying…

  • “Like drinking from a fire hose. Great Stuff. Thanks Terrence!”

    Matt C, Operations Managerv
  • “I found the course to be perfect. I have taken many training classes at XXXX.  This is the only class that has made me open the manual when I got home.  If you have a pulse, you should attend.” – M. L., Sr Consumer Affairs Specialist

    M. L., Sr Consumer Affairs Specialist
  • “Back in Trinidad now and wanted to say thanks for the wonderful experience.  I am hosting my first secession here at the school and I know that your teaching will lend to a wonderful experience for the group.”

    Surrendra M, Senior Academic Advisor
  • “WONDERFUL to hear from you. We speak of you often and highly at our office.  The FAST Facilitation training is still the best investment our team has made!” – M.H., G.A.S. Government Affairs Specialist

    – M.H., G.A.S. Government Affairs Specialist
  • “Great presence, excellent teacher, wish I had more time to learn more…”

    Surrendra M, Senior Academic Advisor
  • “Really enjoyed course.  Wish it were two weeks instead of one. Recommend all business analysts take this course >>> this class should be mandatory.” – Mark P, Business Analyst Team Lead (Fortune 50 Company)

    Mark P, Business Analyst Team Lead (Fortune 50 Company)
  • “Love the energy and enthusiasm! Great speaker and very encouraging!”

    Joann G, Senior Business Support Solutions Specialist
  • “Excellent course and highly related to my current responsibilities.” – C.H., Head (Business Planning)

    C.H., Head (Business Planning)
  • “This was one of the best training classes I have had to date as an employee at USAA.  It is always great to learn that you have tremendous opportunity to improve and grow in a particular skill; especially when that skill transcends many lines and types of work.  Additionally, there is always value when you can attend a training to help you improve and get tools, techniques, and demonstrations on how to incorporate them and implement them on a daily basis.

    I hope to see you again in the future; I will never forget you for what you have given to me….true knowledge.”

    Mark R, Business Manager
  • “The course was useful for my planning work and stewardship of xxx Business Plan.  It gave me insight and tips on how to improve facilitation and follow-up and deliverables.  Instructor was very knowledgeable, energetic, and a great facilitation role model to follow.  This course is very useful for any project manager and facilitator and should be open and encouraged to all departments within xxx.” – C. G., Senior Planning Analyst

    C. G., Senior Planning Analyst
  • “Gave me tools to run more efficient meetings and how to guide others to do so as a supervisor.” – Lauren B., Thermal Operations Supervisor. (Fortune 50 Company)

    Lauren B., Thermal Operations Supervisor. (Fortune 50 Company)
  • “I enjoyed how Terrence kept the students mentally engaged by asking us to solve puzzles, provided frequent breaks and how he stuck to meeting start times for regrouping. He also provided goo reference website links and access to MG RUSH material for future reference.” – T. G., Team Lead, Business & Systems Integration Analyst

    T. G., Team Lead, Business & Systems Integration Analyst
  • “Awesome, knowledgeable, materials were great!  Very responsive to questions and need for additional guidance.  Great “take aways” including recordings and alumni resources.” – A. H., Regional Manager, Community Affairs

    A. H., Regional Manager, Community Affairs
  • “I really enjoyed your class!!  Best week I’ve ever spent in training!! Terrence, you were wonderful! :)” – E. V., Business Planner

    E. V., Business Planner
  • “Great material and ‘eye’ opening, pointing our the gaps/ opportunities I need to focus.  I recommend this class for anyone who works in a team oriented environment and is required to coordinate/ facilitate meetings.” – M. M., Petroleum Engineer (Fortune 50 Company)

    M. M., Petroleum Engineer (Fortune 50 Company)
  • “I wanted to gain more tools and the class definitely provided that and much more.”

    Mark R, Business Manager
  • “Awesome!!!” – D. G., Manager, TSS P&PM CoE Project Assurance

    D. G., Manager, TSS P&PM CoE Project Assurance
  • “Wow, what an excellent class. The practice was priceless but learning from others was of tremendous value.” – K. S., Acting Knowledge Management Director

    – K. S., Acting Knowledge Management Director
  • “I really enjoyed your no-nonsense approach.  The pace, format, methodology was on point.  I would highly recommend the training to others.  You provided a plethora of resources–the ball is now in my court!” – H.M., Enterprise Learning Officer

    H.M., Enterprise Learning Officer
  • “Straight to the point feedback and available to support us in our development.  Clearly a subject matter expert.  And I have valuable resources to reference for a lifetime.” – A. E., Internal Ombudsman Specialist

    – A. E., Internal Ombudsman Specialist
  • “Very good, competent, kind & polite, to the point, good in stressing most important points.” P. S., Senior Advisor to Business Strategy (Fortune 50 Company)

    P. S., Senior Advisor to Business Strategy (Fortune 50 Company)
  • “This training has been invaluable to me throughout my career. I facilitated the creation of corporate business process/data models in 1993 and am being asked to do the same for a different company now. I couldn’t do it without having been through FAST.”

    Pippa W, Regulatory Compliance Analyst

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