It Begins with a Meeting Designer

Meeting Methodologist or Meeting Designer? A Rhetorical Shift.

Clients frequently contact us about facilitating a meeting or workshop on behalf of an individual or organization. It might be a large, multi-national firm planning a complicated, and potentially expensive, deliverable. It could be a small, nonprofit organization seeking to get the most out of their busy board member’s time. While one organization seeks someone with…


Facilitator Training 101: Four Roles of Effective Facilitation

We all have the ability to play numerous roles in life, such as switching quickly between parent and child when attending a family gathering, or switching quickly between friend and customer when shopping or dining with a significant other. Likewise, structured facilitator training enables facilitators to switch their consciousness quickly between the roles of facilitator…

Facilitate Speakers

How to Facilitate Speakers and Conference Presentations

During a recent four-day conference, we facilitated more than 20 speakers and varying presentations, each citing distinctive topics ranging from embracing social responsibility to utilizing Google® Hangouts for small groups. Participants applauded our approach, and we decided to share it here to help you become a more effective facilitator. Challenges Associated with Facilitating Speakers and…


Why facilitation remains an important skill for everyone’s success

This month we’re reposting an interview by Douglas Ferguson with Terrence Metz, Managing Director of MG RUSH Facilitation Training. This article originally appeared on (Reprinted here with Douglas Ferguson’s permission.) Terrence was a featured speaker at Control the Room: The 1st Annual Austin Facilitator Summit!  How can a company successfully oversee their internal ideas?…