Facilitating Virtual Meetings

Challenges of Facilitating Virtual Meetings: No Hiding

Research consistently reports that the three biggest, post Covid-19 challenges of facilitating virtual meetings are: Technology challenges Distractions (keeping participants engaged) Participant buy-in and hiding (video) In fact, facilitating virtual meetings requires more skills than facilitating meetings in person. Groups are less impacted by your good looks and charm while getting lulled into some of…

How to Decide Between Using An Internal or External Facilitator

Internal or External Facilitator? 20 Questions to Help You Decide.

“Should we use an internal or external facilitator?” Good question. Everyone has experienced good and not-so-good facilitators. All too frequently, the ‘poor’ experiences can be attributed to the selection of the facilitator. Break that down further, and you may discover you chose an internal facilitator when you should have hired someone from outside your organization…

It Begins with a Meeting Designer

Meeting Methodologist or Meeting Designer? A Rhetorical Shift.

Clients frequently contact us about facilitating a meeting or workshop on behalf of an individual or organization. It might be a large, multi-national firm planning a complicated, and potentially expensive, deliverable. It could be a small, nonprofit organization seeking to get the most out of their busy board member’s time. While one organization seeks someone with…