Scrum Facilitation

Agile’s Scrum Facilitation – Who Facilitates and When?

The Agile mindset demands frequent interaction among its project stakeholders. Perhaps more so with Scrum, than other frameworks. From Daily Scrum meetings to Sprint Retrospective meetings held every one to four weeks, having a formal facilitator or being a facilitative participant adds tremendously to successful Sprints. So, more importantly, who facilitates Scrum facilitation and when?…

Real-Win-Worth Questions

Real-Win-Worth Provides a Superior Facilitating Opportunity

In an earlier article (see: Risk Analysis – Method and Questions to Facilitate a Portfolio of Projects) we defined “best” by projects that scored favorably in an Innovation test by looking at the relative technology and market risks associated with new ideas (eg, process, product, etc.).  With this article (geared for experienced facilitators and methodologists, but…

Facilitation Skills Balance Leadership, Facilitation, and Methodology

Strong Facilitation Skills Guarantee More Successful Meetings

Successful leaders have one thing in common: Strong facilitation skills. What are these facilitation skills and how many do you need to lead a successful meeting? Depending on who you ask, there may be: 6 Essential Facilitator Skills 9 Meeting Facilitation Skills 9 Facilitation Skill Competencies Top 11 Facilitator Skills and of course, many, many…

Action Plan = Assignments

How to Build Action Plans with Shared Ownership and Accountability

To build action plans that transfer ownership and accountability to your meeting participants, begin with the right questions, in the right sequence. Be one of the few facilitators who understand that ownership transfers instantly because participants contribute to WHO does WHAT by WHEN, the primary components of any plan. Consequently, whether you’re planning includes strategies, initiatives,…

Leveraging Agile ScrumMaster Facilitator Techniques

ScrumMaster Facilitator Techniques Improve Meetings

Agile’s ScrumMaster facilitator techniques ensure that business communities get quick and responsive results. Constant feedback helps teams prioritize and make adjustments. ScrumMasters constantly facilitate product owners’ requirements and development team efforts. ScrumMaster experience and discipline prove that every structured meeting should embrace ‘agile’ practices. Professional facilitation lends essential skills to the ScrumMaster role because an…

MG RUSH Certified Structured Professional Facilitator

The Primer on Facilitation Certification

With facilitation today there is no common, shared body of knowledge. In part, because facilitation is a fuzzy word and widely applied, there is no single definition — making Facilitation Certification fuzzy as well. In North America, there are three primary methods for certifying professional skills and knowledge.  None of the methods is necessarily superior or inferior…