Total Factor Productivity

How to Calculate Total Factor Productivity as an Indicator

Measure the increase in productivity per employee using the formula for Total Factor Productivity. Accomplishment may be measured by the increase in productivity per employee. For many, calculating productivity has been nebulous and argumentative. Total Factor Productivity permeates industries from service and software to the manufacturing of products and goods. Since no formula of any value goes without an acronym,…

Facilitating Team Charters

A Toolbox for Facilitating Team Charters and Project Plans

Modern leaders facilitate the development of consensually owned team charters, including work breakdown structure (WBS). You can create additional time for yourself by facilitating team charters with members who build their own activities and support requirements to help you reach your project objectives. Project Tools (below in italics) will help you build robust team charters and projects plans. For your benefit, each link takes…

Alignment Illustration

How to Facilitate Alignment and Confirm Balance

When you facilitate alignment, you help groups identify gaps, omissions, overkill, and to confirm the appropriateness and balance of their action plan. Rationale to Facilitate Alignment Building consensus around alignment can be very challenging, especially if you facilitate exclusively in the narrative world (ie, written words). Therefore, MG RUSH suggests the use of icons (see PowerBalls)…

Stakeholder Analysis

How to Build Stakeholder Analysis and Consensual Understanding

Begin stakeholder analysis by identifying or examining the way that stakeholders interact with the organization when providing or receiving services or benefits. Because external or internal persons, groups, systems, and other organizations comprise stakeholders. They interact with the organizational group or a specific process. Therefore, identify process stakeholders by examining their contributions to the process…

Ice Breaker Tip

Building Agendas to Deliver the Output You Need from Your Meeting

You should use these steps building agendas because following them will increase your meeting success and personal reputation. Before we begin, let us remember the definition of a solid, structured meeting agenda: Agenda Defined An agenda is a series of steps that structure a group discussion throughout a meeting or workshop. The MG RUSH technique provides field-tested…