MG Rush Certified, Endorsed Professional FacilitatorsMG RUSH certified professional facilitators are truly special. 

Over the years most alumni get promoted to executive positions, directorships, and C-level responsibility. MG RUSH facilitators have led groups ranging from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to greenfield initiatives resulting in the genetic bar-coding of zebra meat to prevent illegal poaching. Many alumni branch out on their own as independents, frequently providing pro-bono support for charitable organizations. 

Since we are frequently asked for facilitator referrals, we thought it would be prudent to share some of the “best of the best”.  The partners found in this section have been carefully selected to maintain our high standards, while consistently generating results that clients need.  Many are accomplished authors and instructors in their own right.  Today, about five percent of our students have their Ph.D. or Doctorate and more than half have advanced Masters Degrees.  Most importantly, our alumni understand that galvanizing consensus and effective meeting management depend on integrating three components:

Integrating Leadership, Facilitation, AND Methodology

Meetings capture a huge investment of time.  Unproductive meetings affect your P & L, morale, and potential growth of your biggest asset, your people.  As frequent and important as we attend meetings, little (if any) structured training has been provided to help us become better meeting participants, and more importantly, meeting leaders.  More effective meetings for teams and groups are dependent on improving three areas of behavior, namely:

  1. WHYLeadership training ensures that we begin with the end in mind.  WHY we’re meeting equates with what does DONE look like?  The best facilitators in the world will fail miserably if they don’t know where they are going.  The worst facilitators can still succeed when the deliverable is clear and has an impact on the quality of life of the meeting participants.
  2. WHAT — Once it has been made clear where we are going, facilitation skills make it easier to know WHAT to do to make a meeting successful.  Unfortunately, we have developed poor muscle memory over the years.  Some behaviors need to be ‘unlearned’ before new behaviors are embraced.  The only way to change such behaviors is through practice and immersion.  Talking heads (ie, instructor’s lips are moving) won’t do it.  Only active participation and practice will work at instilling effective and facilitative behaviors.
  3. HOW — Even a great facilitator who knows where they are going (ie, What DONE looks like) still needs help.  They need to know HOW they are going to build consensus and get a group of people from the meeting Introduction to the Wrap.  While the best methodology or approach (ie, Agenda) has more than one right answer, there is one wrong answer — if the meeting leader does not know HOW they are going to do it.

Our endorsed facilitators know how.  Get to know them if you need a more effective enterprise, business unit, program office, or project direction.  They will lead you well.

MG Rush Endorsed Facilitator, William MalekWilliam Malek has a unique training and consulting practice working with executives and management teams to plan and design executable strategies for organizational growth, innovation or survival. He has spent well over 10,000 hours in facilitated workshops in some of the world’s most successful organizations, both private and public. His creative approach is derived from studying the practices of high performing organizations and debating/collaborating with top Stanford University professors. View Full Profile

MG RUSH Certified, Endorsed Professional Facilitator - Mark MorganMark Morgan
is a consultant, facilitator and executive coach who specializes in assisting leaders as they face the prospect of transforming organizations and individuals. With a deep understanding of the change process, he helps leaders clarify their intentions and increase their impact, releasing old ways of doing things and adopting more effective means of generating great results. 
View Full Profile


Paula Whitney: MG Rush Certified, Endorsed Professional Facilitators

Paula Whitney recently retired from a Fortune 50 company facilitating planning workshops and advising project managers across all business sectors.  Her peers recognize Paula for her skills in workshop facilitation, formal root cause analysis, early project framing, collaboration, and coaching. View Full Profile