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At MGRUSH we live, breathe and sleep facilitation–well, sometimes we sleep–so, we have to ask, Are you ready to make it easy? Our Facilitator Resources section provides links to tools, tips, and more, all aimed at making you a more efficient, productive facilitator.

  • Facilitator’s Glossary
    The facilitator’s vocabulary is a critical tool in communicating the purpose, means, and results of a facilitation effort. We have built this vocabulary over many years. Many of the terms have been thrashed about again and again. We believe this lexicon provides a solid foundation for facilitators and participants.
  • ScrumMasters and Agile Facilitation
    Learn more about Scrum and Agile Facilitation. View one of our most popular posts from our blog: Facilitative Leadership and Facilitator Training (www.TerrenceMetz.com)
  • Tips
    MGRUSH tips are a service to our alumni. Occasionally, we publish several TIPs for public consumption.We have compiled a compendium of advise, ideas, and clarifications. TIPs are intended to serve as reminders and practical advise for practicing facilitators.Our TIP collection includes contributions from students and alumni, as well as our experience.Check back frequently as we expand the collection of TIPs. -Enjoy.
  • Professional Resources
    Our professional resources are a service to the facilitator community.As we find them, we will provide various resources for the professional and organizational facilitator and manager.

    The list of associations has proven helpful for professional facilitators that seek a local community of facilitators.

    We post information here from time-to-time that may be valuable but perishable, so check back occasionally for something new and useful.We accept suggestions from our visitors and alumni.
  • Supplies & Tools
    MGRUSH offers our recommendations for tools and workshop supplies.
  • Facilitation Articles
    Our FAST Facilitation Leadership WEEKLY blog has over 300 articles on on topics ranging from Prioritization and Managing Conflict to Facilitating Projects and Building Alignment.


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