Apathy? Distrust? Innovation? Scope Creep? Boost Your Person, Team, or Organization with MG RUSH Meeting Design and Facilitation Coaching Support.

MG RUSH Meeting Design and Facilitation Coaching SupportFacilitation skills accelerate change. In particular, strong listening prompted by shaping the right questions and the optimal sequence for asking them.

We provide exceptional value for individuals, groups, and organizations that want to dramatically improve their team leadership skills, meeting outputs, and decision quality. As with our facilitation style, this is NOT about singing Kum-Bah-Yah, but rather, an evidenced-based approach for getting more done fast.

For a nominal monthly fee, we come to your site, observe, record, and provide corrective feedback that will immediately improve performance. Daily, we will avail ourselves to email, teleconference, and a video presence meeting on your developmental issues, challenges, and opportunities. It’s like having a physical therapist with you before, during, and after your sessions to make you stronger and more independent for the next one.

While each MG RUSH coaching engagement is custom, typical features (sequentially) include:

  • Creating, editing, improving simple and annotated agendas, coinciding with highly articulate meeting purpose, scope, and deliverables statements
  • Developing small team activities for larger group workshops
  • Facilitating or participating in meeting debriefing; aka After Action Reviews, Alignment, Decision-making, Planning, Prioritizing, Sprint Retrospectives, etc.
  • Instructing on methodological or meeting control support
  • Recommending action plans for conflict arising from individuals, groups, environment, and internal deficiencies
  • Supporting development or invigoration of Centers of Excellence or Communities of Practice
  • Witnessing (perhaps as Documenter) the facilitation or participation performance of others to provide observations about strengths and opportunities for improvement

By engaging us as your meeting experts, you will realize a significant increase in the quality of your meeting output, the satisfaction of your meeting participants, and impact on your top-line, middle-line, and bottom-line performance.

Key benefits include . . .

  • Better participant engagement and meeting output ownership
  • Cultural transformation that begins by observing your in-house meetings
  • Fortify prior learnings from MG RUSH Professional Facilitation training
  • Improved methodology and tools that reduce overall meeting time
  • Knowledge transfer to improve the effectiveness of your new facilitators
  • Organizational support for Best Practices, Communities of Practice and Excellence
  • Potential, emergency backup support
  • Prevent slipping back into old habits
  • Transforming conflict into opportunity
  • Work seamlessly with mentors to provide critical feedback for improvement
  • Yield the opportunity to customize training for your teams and groups
  • . . . knowing when and seamlessly moving among coach, facilitator, and trainer roles

Call us (1-630-954-5880), email us (Training@MGRushFacilitation.com), or use the contact form below. See how easy it is to become dramatically more effective with your meetings—practically overnight. The tremendous upside to this approach? We will even build better meeting participants for you, by teaching your entire organization HOW TO THINK about meetings and workshops.

Please NOTE:  All coaching assignments are managed personally by Terrence Metz, MBA, CSM, CSPF, PSPO

Such as your shoe size, favorite color, or perhaps even a preferred time and method to contact you. 🙂