At MG RUSH, we’re not only the recognized leader in facilitation training–We Facilitate! Here’s what you can expect when you hire us to facilitate your next meeting.


Preparation Phase

Meeting facilitatorAll effort begins with management perspective and understanding what needs to be delivered to be called a success.  Some call this, “knowing what DONE looks like.”

  • First and foremost, articulate and codify the deliverables.
  • Understand the organizational holarchy and the impact of failure. The value of the initiative, project, or meeting should be stipulated by the amount of money and wasted FTE at risk if the project fails.
  • Listen, listen, listen. We will speak with the project team, the business community, the sponsors, and the customers to ensure clarity and alignment.  An effective workshop leader understands the political risks and potential personality issues.
  • We will conduct a quantitative, FAST risk assessment, know that if you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it.
  • When considering multiple workshops or multiple days, we will build a project plan for the series of meetings and workshops required.
  • Create a comprehensive pre-read package that will include (at minimum):
    • Workshop purpose, scope, deliverable, and simple agenda
    • Glossary of terms used in the above statements, and other material to be provided during the workshop
    • Detailed questions that will be asked during the workshop
    • Objectives and goals of the organization and the project being supported
  • Build a simple approach (ie, agenda) for each session based on discrete deliverables.

Workshop Phase                                 

As we get prepared for each workshop we will:

  • Take the basic approach for each session identified above and expand into the detailed activities we will use, identifying break-out sessions and the CEO (ie, chief easel officer) for each.
  • Create an annotated agenda including review material, ground rules, and appropriate audio-visual support.
  • For a recent three-hour session to facilitate building Key Measurements, our annotated agenda was 18 pages long.

Review and Resolution Phase

Provide a smooth segue from the meeting deliverable to use by the project team:

  • Distribute clear and valid documentation from the meeting.
  • Follow-up personally with the project team to de-brief the findings.
  • Obtain any calibration of meeting notes from meeting participants.
  • Submit evaluation report of meeting or workshop effort, including benefits and concerns from your own performance as session leader.

Follow this structured approach you are ensured a higher level of both meeting and project success than if you sit around a meeting room and have a discussion.

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