Terrence Metz: Keynote Speaker and Moderator

Terrence Metz, CEO of MG RUSH Facilitation Training

Terrence has taught classes at the Stanford School of Advanced Project Management, the Broad Institute (a Cambridge, MA. based research venture of Massachusetts Institute of Technology [M.I.T.] and Harvard University), Purdue University, University of Arkansas (Sam Walton School of Business), Texas A & M University, and departments of local and federal government, some of which cannot be named.

With a Baccalaureate in Science from Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) and an MBA from NWU’s Kellogg School of Management, his professional experience has focused on process innovation, idea management, and product development. Terrence has a P&L background in capital goods markets with highly engineered-products and services (eg, Honeywell).

Since the end of 1999, Terrence Metz has been a founding principal partner and managing director at Morgan Madison & Company. Through professional and academic endeavors, Terrence has focused on change management and improving group decision-making processes. His CRC publish book “Change or Die: Business Process Improvement Manual” represents his evidence-based decision-making style.

He is an expert group facilitator and instructor of workflow processes and Voice of the Market inputs that accelerate commercial success. His engagements have included strategic development, business planning, problem-solving, continuous improvement, organizational design, process design and improvement, customer cognitivity workshops, and market-based product development and launch. His clients include senior officers and general management among private and public companies, government agencies and community organizations. (For full biographical details go HERE )


As a keynote speaker for IBAA, PMI, and others, Terrence provides compelling instruction on HOW to think, not WHAT to think.  Effective leadership thinking is emphasized before an interactive demonstration of facilitation begins. Consciousness alignment with an organization’s holarchy of purpose, scope, and objectives are explained. They form the groundwork for effective facilitation in modern cultural environments subjected to constant change.

Topics that may be covered focus on structured methods; including discrete approaches for simple, complicated, and complex group decision-making. Terrence provides a three-step approach toward galvanizing consensus that includes active listening, aligning with project objectives, and harmonizing with organizational goals.

Messages are directed at executives, directors, and managers seeking how to consistently and reliably provide high-quality project deliverables. Other topics frequently cover group dynamics; facilitation tools, tips, and approaches; and proven team activities.  Prior attendees have been building coherence around business requirements such as SoX, HIPAA, SEC, FDA, and other mandated or proactive change initiatives — thus making organizations more robust by highlighting the ingredients for workshop leaders and participants to make more informed decisions. 


Terrence Metz, CEO of MG RUSH Facilitation TrainingTerrence is a professional facilitator and moderator. He will prepare your panelists properly, challenge their insights, and help shape new ideas by combining input from all of your panelists while delighting and engaging your entire audience. Terrence has made even mundane subjects such as energy management and temperature control vibrant and compelling with associations such as ACCA, ACHI, HARDI, and others.

Terrence’s situations have embraced strategic collaboration, business alignment, problem-solving, continuous improvement, organizational design, process design, customer cognitively workshops, and market-based product development and launch.

His typical audience includes program and project managers, senior officers, and the business analyst community among numerous private and public companies and global corporations.

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