Leadership Style

Leadership Style and How to Improve Yours Quickly

Leadership style depends largely on the flow of content: Directive—one-way, Consultative—equal partner in content, and Exploratory—facilitative, not adding content. Directive A leader who predominantly gives direction and guidance with little participation or content added by the group characterizes this leadership style. Directive leadership is appropriate when the purpose is to share information quickly and clearly,…

Crashing Through Toward Improved Facilitation

Crashing Through Toward Improved Facilitation

The book “Crashing Through” by New York Times’ bestselling author Robert Kurson includes innumerable reflections about struggle, collaboration, and victory that also apply to the sphere of facilitation. Most importantly, the book emphasizes the scientific understanding that pre-existing knowledge affects perception. In other words, what you know changes what you see. The challenges around consensual…

The Transforming Workplace

The Transforming 

Facing consecutive days of back-to-back meetings, participants value the financial importance of well-run meetings. Traditionally, leaders have chaired meetings and exerted control over decision-making. As the workplace has transformed, and knowledge workers operate within a matrix of networks, modern leadership has also changed. Instead of dealing mostly with individuals (conversations or dyads), modern leaders more…