Nominal Group Technique (NGT)


The Nominal Group Technique (NGT) is most frequently used when bringing together a group of people who have not met each other and may not see each other again in the future. Delbecq, Van de Ven & Gustafson developed it in 1975.

Use it for problem-oriented, solution-oriented, or solution implementation type meetings. It drives quickly through a voting process. Beware that the quality of the decision may be suspect since a larger number (ie, more votes) does not necessarily mean a higher quality answer or response.

NOTE: Nominal group is also known as round robin, structured go around, and other terms.


Annotated agendas are intended for use by the facilitator and can extend up to twenty pages and larger.  They provide a play script of the context that needs to managed, typically in a partial day, full day, or multiple day workshop environment.  They stipulate in great detail the Purpose of each agenda step, the Questions to be addressed during each step, and the need place for multi-media support including movie files, PowerPoint slides, and large Post-It notes.  Each agenda step provides an estimated timeframe, summary statements, and additional notes.  MOST IMPORTANTLY each agenda step comes with a highly detailed method—HOW TO facilitate the deliverable with an emphasis on the analysis tool and HOW TO take lists and converge them into documents and consensually agreed upon findings, outputs, and actions.


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