Terrence Metz is an expert group facilitator, instructor, and Managing Director of MG RUSH Facilitation Training and Coaching.

Terrence Metz, CEO of MG RUSH Facilitation Training

Terrence Metz MBA, CSM, CSPF, PSPO1

“Terrence was an incredible instructor, while the content is invaluable, he is what made this experience exceptional.  I’ve been through countless training and cannot remember a single one that I found so interesting, exciting, and informative.”  – B. D., IT Business Analyst

With a Baccalaureate in Science from Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) and an MBA from NWU’s Kellogg School of Management, his professional experience has focused on process innovation, idea management, and product development. Terrence has a P&L background in capital goods markets with highly engineered-products and services (eg, Honeywell).

He is an expert group facilitator and instructor of workflow processes and Voice of the Market inputs that accelerate commercial success. His engagements have included strategic development, business planning, problem-solving, continuous improvement, organizational design, process design and improvement, customer cognitivity workshops, and market-based product development and launch.
His clients include senior officers and general management among private and public companies, government agencies and community organizations.

Since the end of 1999, Terrence Metz has been a founding principal partner and managing director at Morgan Madison & Company. Through professional and academic endeavors, Terrence has focused on change management and improving group decision-making processes. His CRC publish book “Change or Die: Business Process Improvement Manual” represents his evidence-based decision-making style.

Terrence has taught classes at the Stanford School of Advanced Project Management, the Broad Institute (a Cambridge, MA. based research venture of Massachusetts Institute of Technology [M.I.T.] and Harvard University), Purdue University, University of Arkansas (Sam Walton School of Business), Texas A & M University, and departments of local and federal government, some of which cannot be named.

Terrence is passionate about using and teaching the MG RUSH Professional Facilitation structured technique so that people and teams make more informed decisions. He earned his Six Sigma Green Belt® from Motorola University and wrote or updated all of the MG Rush curriculum. Terrence added enhanced decision-making tools such as Perceptual Mapping and MG Rush’s proprietary quantitative 
SW-OT technique that is used worldwide by Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies. 
He introduced the concept of holism to the field of structured facilitation as a method for keeping discussions on target and aligning deliverables within and throughout an enterprise.

He has taught over three hundred classes and over 2,500 students. His facilitation philosophy aligns perfectly with the MG Rush technique as shown by Dr Wayne Dyer’s statement, 
“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Most importantly, Terrence is an effective listener and equally adept at teaching the MG RUSH Professional Facilitation classes as well as facilitating consensus around important and challenging issues for groups, organizations, and teams.

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“One of the few skill development workshops that truly developed skill.” – A.P., VP Human Resources

“Great at helping me feel like I was capable of doing this when I was nervous about it.”  – J.D., Supervisor of the Lab Software Development Team

“Instructor communicated well to class. He covered so much in a short amount of time.”   – A.B., Validation Specialist

“The course exceeded my expectations.  It was not easy but I felt like I learned a great deal that will help me in my career.  The instructor is very hands on and so approachable.  He has high expectations and reinforces what he teaches!  This was a very difficult course but has been very beneficial.”  – M.T., Continue Reading

“Well executed (great to learn from instructor example). Content will be one of the most valuable trainings to help me advance personal/ professional growth and value I can bring to my company.  Thank-you!  Hope to keep in touch! (and continue to pick your brain).”   – S. T., Project Manager – Information Technology (PMP)

“This encompasses the “how to” for 90% of my job!  Thank you for providing this service! This will make a huge difference in my life, as I am just embarking on this career journey and will rely on this knowledge heavily for years to come.”  – H.V., ScrumMaster

This course exceeded my expectations and was the most engaging training I’ve ever attended.  My rating of Excellence is a disservice to this course because it was so great.  – M.H., Project Manager (PMP)

“It is without doubt, one of the best classes I have ever attended and your highly informative journey into the science of facilitation is absolutely treasure. I have seen facilitation done poorly and I have seen it bluffed, now I know what the best looks like I will always try to emulate your method and Continue Reading

“I have realized that there is more to this subject than I thought . . . wish there was more time.  I’m so glad I was able to attend!”  – J.P., Director of Planning and College Projects

“As a kinesthetic learner, building confidence and understanding comes with hands on practice and experience was the best part of the course.  This was great, useful material that I can apply in my job.  Thank you!  I will recommend this to co-workers.”  – C.B., Community Partnership Liaison

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