MG RUSH welcomes Paula Whitney to our exclusive list of endorsed facilitators. The consummate professional, Paula focuses on pragmatic workgroups and facilitation processes that support community and non-profit organizations.  A long-time outdoor enthusiast, Paula especially hopes to support environmental services such as natural science and parklands.  

Paula Whitney: MG Rush Certified, Endorsed Professional FacilitatorsPaula recently retired from a Fortune 50 company facilitating planning workshops and advising project managers across all business sectors. Her peers recognize Paula for her skills in workshop facilitation, formal root cause analysis, early project framing, collaboration, and coaching.

Her most recent education augments her professional MG Rush Professional facilitation toolbox with the Technology of Participation (ToP) processes developed at the Institute of Cultural Affairs. Paula understands that sound facilitation techniques such as FAST and ToP apply to groups of any size and purpose.  She is excited to help integrate these techniques to support community and environmental efforts and initiatives.


Work Group Planning & Facilitation

  • Surveying stakeholders to collect and analyze expectations and key actions.
  • Developing strategic plans including collaboration of plans across multiple workgroups.
  • Establishing project frames with fundamental elements to improve project success such as clear definition of scope, value, boundaries, and risks.

Formal Root Cause Analysis Facilitation

Establishing the root causes of unexpected project outcomes and missed business expectations. 

Project Value Estimation

Developing benefits realization plans to formally document and manage expected benefits throughout a project lifecycle.


Chevron, San Ramon, CA – Project Assurance Consultant, 2003 – 2015


Company – Chevron

  • Project Manager – Enterprise Directory
  • Supervisor of Performance Reporting and Management – Telecommunications Network; Computer Operations


  • Certificate, Telecommunications Engineering – University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
  • Masters of Science, Operations Research – Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
  • Bachelor of Science, Physics – University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
  • Certification, FAST Certified Structured Professional Facilitator – MG Rush Facilitation Training


Paula can be reached at or through LinkedIn: