Kevin Booth is a founding partner of Morgan Madison & Company.

Kevin has over twenty-five years as a practitioner, consultant, executive, and trainer. In his consulting, research, training, and facilitating capacities, Kevin has sought to improve corporate decision-making through improving how information is discovered, analyzed, and shaped to affect corporate decisions.

Kevin’s experience includes positions in executive management, operations, marketing, sales, and service. In Kevin’s consulting career, he has served over one hundred clients in over three hundred engagements. His focus is on innovation, strategic marketing and planning, business creation, and new product development & marketing.

Prior to founding Morgan Madison & Company, Kevin operated a boutique planning and research consulting firm based in Chicago, The Chicago Group. While at The Chicago Group, Kevin was also president of a subsidiary Web development company during the Internet boom focused on ecommerce strategy and B2B channel design.

His experience in guiding senior management decisions affecting investments, acquisitions, new product selection, and market strategies has given rise to a passionate interest in the art and science of decision-making.

kb_0407_2644Kevin Booth has focused on how to improve the accuracy and reliability of corporate decision-making. He is constantly investigating how executives do (or do not) process information and form decisions. An important component of decision-making is doing so in groups. The group decision-making and information processing overlaps well with the FAST facilitation program and workgroup leadership courses. During stints as an executive in companies facing crises, Kevin applies facilitation daily to everything from executive staff meetings to product design sessions. Applying his facilitation technique to quality initiatives and projects is a daily activity.

Working with Terrence Metz and from their combined practical, real-world experience, the team has developed and/or refined many tools used in individual and group decision-making for a variety of applications such as corporate and marketing strategies, new product selection and launch, and investment (M&A) activities. Kevin applies and hones his facilitation skills almost weekly while working with senior executives in a wide variety of situations.

Kevin Booth is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology (BME) and the University of Chicago (MBA with dual specializations, finance and marketing). Kevin is also a Six Sigma®Green Belt and certified in Lean processes.

Kevin is a past-president of the Chicago chapter of the Product Development & Management Association (PDMA). He is also on the board of the Strategic Management Association. Kevin is also a lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Graduate School of Business, and has lectured at Northwestern University, Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

For giggles, Kevin is a SCUBA diver and Instructor, an unaccomplished wood-worker and home renovator, and the father of three devilish but charming young adults.

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“We are using the principles of my FAST training almost daily. We have created a template for helping groups develop strategic roadmaps and drive high-level decision-making very quickly. Kudos to this process!.” -M.K., director of strategic planning (PhD) – insurance company

“This has been the most useful class of my whole career.” -M.A., business analyst – oil company

“It was fabulous. Exhausting (since I took it very seriously and wanted to learn EVERYTHING!) . . . but fabulous.” -P.G., vp marketing – major consumer research company

“I did not expect the training to be this well-run. The entire workshop was well prepared, organized, and executed to the fullest, including the materials provided.” – A Baseline Magazine Top Five “Well-run IT Company” department manager

“Probably the best training course I have attended for usability, content, and delivery. Excellent presentation. Anyone who facilitates regularly or attends workshops/ meetings regularly. The course builds better facilitators AND attendees.” – A.L., procurement manager

“Great Job! Best class in years!” -K.C., senior analyst – insurance company

“Thoroughly knowledgeable, captivating, clear — entertaining. Best / most valuable course taken in my twenty plus years within (Fortune 10 Company). Transferable to all aspects of my position.” -R.B., enterprise architect

“Every piece of the course added value. There wasn’t anything that I would leave out.” -C.S., director, project management office

“I am struck by how productive and jam-packed last week was in training! I really have not had another short course this applicable or rich in important lessons, so thank you.” – C.H., Decision Analyst, PhD

“My objective was to learn about tools to facilitate sessions, as well as gain experience, gain confidence — all objectives were met and exceeded — especially the case study . . .” – D.B., Business System Analyst

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