MG RUSH FAST 4-Day Professional Facilitator Training 452A offers a 1+4 approach to our traditional 452 5-day class.

One-day of pre-work must be completed before class start. Class meets for 32 hours, beginning on Monday at 1:00PM and completing around 1pm on Friday, to allow travel to and from the class during normal working hours. The following describes the agenda differences. Students receive individual feedback during the Orientation activities and assignments fulfilled during the Pre-work before the live class begins. Register Now

Facilitator Training Facilitation SkillsPRE-WORK


Using the reference materials, handouts, and on-line (cloud) access

  • Helping groups to make more informed decisions
  • Clear thinking—output vs outcome
  • Roles, life-cycles, methodologies, phases, and holarchial alignment
  • Leadership: clarity and consensus
  • Trivium: logic (WHY), rhetoric (WHAT), and grammar (HOW)
    • Exercise—what does ‘DONE’ look like?
    • Exercise – Building a Reusable Approach



  • Welcome/introductions: training purpose, scope, goals, and expectations

Leadership Tools

  • Three Step Brainstorming Exercise: diverge—analyze—converge method
  • Facilitating decisions and prioritization: simple, complicated, and complex tools
    • Exercise – Facilitating a Brief Workshop


Leadership Tools (continued)

  • Exercise – Facilitating a Brief Workshop (cont)

Facilitation Skills

  • Facilitation skills (eg, presenting, questioning, listening, challenging, neutrality)
  • Managing group conflict
  • Extracting high quality information
  • Cognitive biases
    • Exercise – Active Listening Lab


Agenda Building

  • Agenda concepts: codifying and sequencing the right questions

Applied Facilitation

  • Various “How to” scenarios and student-led simulations


Meeting Management Controls

  • Checklist templates, preparation, and participant interviews and preparation
  • Logistics—preventing distractions and helping groups to focus
  • Standards—“if it’s not documented, it didn’t happen”—documentation sizzle
  • Risk analysis—measuring/ managing risk with project team and sponsors
  • Continuous improvement and feedback methods
  • Leading virtual (audio-visual) participants

Planning, Analysis, and Design Approaches

  • Planning-type meetings and workshops: how to prepare, build, launch, and control
    • Exercise – Facilitating a Simulated Planning Session
  • Facilitating ownership and implementation: (“Guardian of Change”) activities
  • Analysis meetings and workshops: how to prepare, build, launch, and control
    • Exercise – Facilitating a Simulated Analysis Session
  • Design meetings and workshops: how to prepare, build, launch, and control
  • Contrasting Field-Tested Workshops: how to prepare, build, launch, and control . . . tables, diagrams, process models, and creativity/ innovation workshops


Student Skills and Case Studies

  • Exercises – Immersive Case Studies
  • Personalized coaching, strengths, and identified improvement areas
  • Continuous and sustainable improvement
  • Certification and wrap



The cost per student:

  • 452A (1+4) Approach, Professional Facilitator Training: US $2,550.00

(*Public class prices are per person. Discounts are available for nonprofit organizations and larger groups, which can be noted on our registration form.)

Fee includes training, materials, supplies, and lunch. We limit public class size to provide each student with opportunities to practice and enable personal attention from the instructor. Transportation, meals outside of class, and lodging are the responsibility of the student.

Please inquire for private class pricing and available dates (for on-site, corporate needs).The on-site fee covers training, materials, and instructor travel. Ideally, on-site classes should contain six to twelve students.Enquire About Private Class

If you would like to attend a specific class, plan to send someone(s), or are waiting on final approvals or confirmation, go ahead and call or write today to reserve a seat. Classes fill up quickly and are limited in size. If the class you select is full, we will notify you and place you on a waiting list if you choose.


Students receive the most benefit from the course if they have:

  • Good organizational skills
  • Some understanding of business problems
  • Familiarity with business analysis
  • Moderate comfort working in front of a group


To reserve a space, arrange for a private class, or inquire about this, and other courses, please call us at 630-954-5880. To register now for our 452A (1+4) Approach, Professional Facilitator Training CLICK HERE. No payment is taken during registration. Students will be invoiced.