Because nobody is smarter than everybody, facilitation skills serve the mindset of team and meeting leadership. Our four certified and other customizable facilitation classes generate the discipline and opportunity for you to lead teams, groups, meetings, and workshops—anywhere, anytime.

MG RUSH Certified Structured Professional Facilitator

Certified Structured Professional Facilitation Training strengthens leadership skills to prepare team and project leaders, analysts, managers, and strategic planning executives to make the most of critical decision, projects, and strategic plans. This course provides an excellent foundation for those who find themselves in meetings most of the week, or consulting others. Regardless of position, the course adds significant value for those for whom the output of meetings and team performance drives organizational success. The course is remarkably intensive (practice-driven), well-rounded, and targeted for today’s fast paced, process-driven business change environments.

Successfully complete a rigorous, five-day facilitation training to qualify for 40 PDUs, 40 CDUs, 40 SEUs Certified Structured Professional Facilitator (CSPF) status.


MG RUSH Certified Structured Fundamentals Facilitator

Certified Structured Facilitation Fundamentals Training strengthens facilitation skills to prepare project leaders, analysts, and planning managers to improve the quality of plans, projects, and initiatives. Our Fundamental Facilitation skills provides essential training on a wide range of workgroup meeting needs. New and refreshed skills include action plans, collaboration, conflict management, decision-making, meeting design and control, remote teaming, and team building. The course delivers training in facilitation skills, presentation skills, project management, event and workshop management, creativity, and practice applying several important management tools.

Successfully complete a rigorous, three-day facilitation training to qualify for 28 PDUs, 24 CDUs, 24 SEUs Certified Structured Fundamental Facilitator (CSPF) status.


MG RUSH Certified Agile Scrum Facilitation

Agile Scrum Facilitation Training strengthens leadership skills to prepare Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Development Teams, Agile Coaches, Agile Product Managers, Agile Program/ Portfolios Managers, Epic Owners, Iteration Managers, Proxy POs and UEs, Release Train Engineers, Solution Train Engineers, Team Coaches, Team Leads, Test Leads, User Experience Leads, and Value Leaders. Not for the faint of heart, this class compresses nearly four days of professional facilitation and tools curriculum into 2.5 days, plus some required pre-class assignments. 

Students who successfully complete our rigorous two and a half day Agile Scrum Facilitation Training qualify for 20 PDUs, 20 CDUs, 20 SEUs and Certified Agile Scrum Facilitator (CSAF) status.


MG RUSH Certified Advanced Structured Facilitator

Certified Structured Advanced Facilitation Training helps you (alumnus and experienced session leader) discover and enhance your facilitation and workshop-structuring skills. You will spend most of your time in participatory demonstrations, discussion, exercises, and practice sessions with other experienced and professional facilitators investigating newly developed content and improved tools.

For experienced facilitators who have taken formal facilitation training [preferably our professional-level course] and have facilitated twelve or more meetings or three or more full-day workshops. Students who successfully complete our rigorous, two-day Advanced Facilitation Training qualify for Certified Advanced Structured Facilitator (CASF) status.


Public facilitation training calendar

Private Structured Facilitation Training: In addition to hosting our 2.5 Day Agile, 3-Day Fundamentals, 5-Day Professional or 2-Day Advanced Facilitation training, MG RUSH offers CHOICE: Private Facilitation Training designed to fit your organization’s participants, culture, and specific needs.

To make tailored courses easy, we have a three-step process that enables us to isolate and concentrate on the specific needs of private groups.

Typical variables in the design of your custom class include:

  • Learning objectives
  • Class length
  • Coverage of facilitation fundamentals
  • Time spent in exercises
  • Budget
  • Number of participants
  • Prior training and experience
  • Special content for your organization


MG RUSH 750 Board Meeting Management

Board Meeting Management, our compressed, two-day course, will help you conduct substantially more effective:

  • Board meetings and committee meetings
  • Executive Retreats
  • Strategic Planning Retreats
  • Change Management Retreats

Meetings may inform but are best used to deliver up decisions and plans. Our curriculum focuses on building consensus around complex decisions and creating clear plans, where the term ‘plan’ is defined simply as “WHO does WHAT.”

We provide graduate-level training on how to organize and structure your board meetings and retreats so that you get more done, faster.


352 Strategic Planning Leadership, Facilitation, and Methodology Training

Strategic Planning Leadership, Facilitation, and Methodology Training provides intensive training that amplifies the principles, skills, tools, and confidence to successfully lead groups and teams toward consensual understanding, decisions, and action plans. 

Our professional technique combines a behavioral science understanding of group performance with empirical research about information discovery, analysis, and decision-making.  Over three days (plus preparatory reading and evening assignments), you will invest eight hours in exercises and demonstrations and sixteen hours practicing as a facilitator including, immersing yourself during recorded sessions.