MG Rush Facilitation Training Reviews

“Excellent course and highly related to my current responsibilities.” – C.H., Head (Business Planning)

“Awesome!!!” – D. G., Manager, TSS P&PM CoE Project Assurance

“Gave me tools to run more efficient meetings and how to guide others to do so as a supervisor.” – Lauren B., Thermal Operations Supervisor. (Fortune 50 Company)

“WONDERFUL to hear from you. We speak of you often and highly at our office. The FAST Facilitation training is still the best investment our team has made!” – M.H., G.A.S. Government Affairs Specialist

“I found the course to be perfect. I have taken many training classes at XXXX. This is the only class that has made me open the manual when I got home. If you have a pulse, you should attend.” – M. L., Sr Consumer Affairs Specialist

“While a five-class, the entire week is remarkably intense. Emphasize nightly reading! Not as a suggestion, but as as requirement to not be lost.” – Brian S, Business Unit Strategy (Fortune 50 Company)

“Terrence was awesome. Very direct and to the point. No sugar coating. Knowledgable about topic and methodologies. Good at providing examples. Knew exactly where he wanted to go and where references were. Enjoyed all the little tips (ie poser boards, marker colors, sticky notes, etc…)” – A. Q., Business Integration and Relationship Manager

“As stated, this is a practical course that requires more time with demonstrations, exercises, and practice. We were given numerous sample and examples . . . learning while drinking from a fire hose. Overall, the most I’ve learned qualitatively and practically in the last 20 years of my employment.” – P.L., Enterprise Learning Officer

“I really enjoyed your class!! Best week I’ve ever spent in training!! Terrence, you were wonderful! :)” – E. V., Business Planner

“Wow, what an excellent class. The practice was priceless but learning from others was of tremendous value.” – K. S., Acting Knowledge Management Director

“Very professional, provided “safe” place for practice demonstrated the art of facilitation throughout the week; was positive and helpful in feedback. I really liked the “filler” (ie toys, fun facts, and pictures helped clear the mind.)” – J. K., Project Manager

“I enjoyed how Terrence kept the students mentally engaged by asking us to solve puzzles, provided frequent breaks and how he stuck to meeting start times for regrouping. He also provided goo reference website links and access to MG RUSH material for future reference.” – T. G., Team Lead, Business & Systems Integration Analyst

“I highly recommend this course for everyone facilitating meetings.” – K. A., Business Planning Manager

“The course was useful for my planning work and stewardship of xxx Business Plan. It gave me insight and tips on how to improve facilitation and follow-up and deliverables. Instructor was very knowledgeable, energetic, and a great facilitation role model to follow. This course is very useful for any project manager and facilitator and should

“This course was brilliant and hands on (practical) to develop and improve facilitation skills. Very experienced instructor and managed/ encouraged interaction in a very positive way.” – F. A., Business Specialist

“Course went over and beyond my expectations. I now have a fuller understanding of facilitation; facilitation as both an art and a science!” – D.D., Enterprise Learning Officer

“I appreciate the enthusiasm of your class. One of the best classes that I have taken due to the amount of in-class training.” – Alejandro A, Repair Supervisor (Fortune 50 Company)

“The instructor’s experiential knowledge is invaluable. His energy level remained constant. His after work hours response time was FAST and detailed. His feedback was practical. The videos are very useful.” – L. W., Senior Assessment Analyst

“Very good, competent, kind & polite, to the point, good in stressing most important points.” P. S., Senior Advisor to Business Strategy (Fortune 50 Company)

Great instructor; very knowledgeable about subject (SME); also very knowledgeable about other topics when discussed during breaks. Great course! I would definitely recommend it or even take it again.” – D.D., Enterprise Learning Officer

“I was able to hone old skills and have great takeaways! That I can apply immediately. Enjoyed! And learned a lot, even if I am just a psychologist (PhD).” – D.F., Enterprise Learning Officer

“Course was very useful. I’m sure it’ll help me in my career. I really loved how the training was conducted. There was energy in the room and Terrence is very helpful. Excellent trainer! :)” – S. A., Associate I

“Thank you Sir, both for the information as well as the amazing training opportunity! I will take this information forward for future learning opportunities. (The consensus of the group has been we wished we had more time!)” – J.N., Enterprise Learning Officer

“Thanks Terrence—-you certainly know your stuff and your commitment to teaching us as a group and individually is one of the best I have seen from a contractor at XXXX. I really appreciate the alumni resources.” – K. D., Supervisory Consumer Affairs Specialist

“Awesome, knowledgeable, materials were great! Very responsive to questions and need for additional guidance. Great “take aways” including recordings and alumni resources.” – A. H., Regional Manager, Community Affairs