MG RUSH 750 Board Meeting Management

Board Meeting Management (750), our compressed, two-day course, will help you conduct substantially more effective:

  • Board meetings and committee meetings

  • Executive Retreats

  • Strategic Planning Retreats

  • Change Management Retreats

Meetings may inform but are best used to deliver up decisions and plans. Our curriculum focuses on building consensus around complex decisions and creating clear plans, where the term ‘plan’ is defined simply as “WHO does WHAT.”

We provide graduate level training on how to organize and structure your board meetings and retreats so that you get more done, faster.  What are your current impediments?

Our curriculum addresses most of the recurring problems with Boards of Directors such as:

  • Diversity
  • Engagement
  • Facilitation
  • Governance
  • Leadership
  • Methodology
  • Micro management
  • Recruitment
  • Structure of meetings 

Our curriculum follows the sequence experienced by most board members, namely:

  1. The Retreat
  2. Committees
  3. Administrative follow-up
  4. Board member development
  5. Program development
  6. Revenue development
  7. Knowledge transfer and transitioning

After practice sessions on Day Two, we conclude with the tools to measure board effectiveness, both the members, and their impact on the management staff.   Successful completion of this intense class provides our FAST-based Certification in Board Meeting Management and qualifies for 1.6 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs).

Private Classes are $950 per person.

Enquire about discounted pricing for groups of 15 or more and Non-profit Organizations