MG RUSH Certified Structured Facilitation Training

MG RUSH Certified, Professional, Endorsed Facilitators are Helping to Solve World Problems

MG RUSH Certified, Professional, Endorsed Facilitators are truly special. Thousands of alumni have earned promotions to executive positions, directorships, and C-level responsibility. MG RUSH facilitators lead groups ranging from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to greenfield initiatives about the genetic bar-coding of zebra meat to prevent illegal poaching. Furthermore, many alumni branch out on their own as independents,…

science of teamwork

The New Science of Teamwork: Is it new or just MG RUSH Professional Facilitation at work?

The lead article in the March-April (2017) Harvard Business Review reads like a promotion for our MG RUSH Professional Leadership, Facilitation, and Methodology training. The principal recommendations in Johnson and Christfort’s article, The New Science of Teamwork, have been a mainstay in our curriculum for over ten years now. With the research they amassed to support their…


What is TRIZ and When Should You Use It?

TRIZ represents a methodology focused on innovative process or product improvement. Use it when you need innovative thinking that extends beyond common process flow diagrams and requirements gathering. Look at further variations such as ARIZ, I-TRIZ, P-TRIZ, 40 Inventive Principles (with Applications in Service Operations Management), Reverse Fishbone, TRIZICS, USIT, SIT, and/or ASIT. “TRIZ” is a…

Corporate Decision-Making

Presenter Tips: How To Simply Make Your Presentations More Facilitative

Research by the National Speakers’ Association shows that becoming more facilitative (i.e., more interactive or service-oriented) is the single most important change a speaker or presenter can make. Following, you will find three powerful presenter tips to use before, during, and after presentations. If you have not compiled a personal handbook with presenter tips about…

3 Steps to Conflict Resolution

4 Steps to Conflict Resolution: Purpose, Active Listening, Alignment, and Escalation

Resolve conflict within a meeting or workshop by understanding, clarifying, and confirming the purpose of the decision being discussed. Effective conflict resolution depends on shared purpose. Competing purposes will lead to competing solutions. There is no instructional class in the world that will teach you how to facilitate a resolution to all meeting conflict. Sometimes,…

Ground Rules Help Manage Meeting Behavior

Ground Rules and Ideation Rules for Optimal Group Behavior in Meetings

Use ground rules to help manage individual and group behavior during meetings and workshops. You can lead meetings and discussions without ground rules, but did you ever leave an unstructured meeting with a headache? The term “discussion” is rooted similarly to the terms “concussion” and “percussion.” A little bit of structure will ensure that you get more…

Addicted To Being Right Requires Balance

Addicted to Being Right: 4 Participant Responses to Avoid Being Wrong

Most people associate shame or loss of power with being wrong. Ever feel yourself getting defensive?When your meeting participants turn defensive, especially when they feel they are losing ground, neurochemistry hijacks the brain. Because they are addicted to being right, the amygdala, our instinctive brain, takes over.  With a focus on being right, participants are…