Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy: Create Uncontested Market Space

The MGRUSH technique encourages different approaches based on whether your project is seeking incremental gain or requires real breakthrough. Blue Ocean Strategy promotes breakthrough thinking, justified by the higher profits such thinking generates among companies studied by its authors, Kim and Mauborgne.[1] The authors note the failures of companies over the past fifteen to twenty years—since the publishing…

Rhetorical Precision

Rhetorical Precision — What is an Occurrence?

Was the situation on 9/11 involving New York’s World Trade Center destruction one “occurrence” or two  “occurrences”?  We’re reminded that $3.5 bilion was at risk since the property was insured per occurrence. For a compelling discussion on this topic see “The Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window into Human Nature” by Steven Pinker.  Do not forget in…

MG RUSH FAST Facilitation Leadership Weekly

Facilitating Speaker Content

As observed recently at a PMI (ie, Project Management Institute) event, speakers are typically preachy and not facilitative.  This means that they move their lips more than their ears—they don’t encourage enough audience response and interaction. Some other challenges observed include: Lack of conflict to resolve, makes for boring sessions Unclear deliverable (“increased understanding” doesn’t have…

'The Strategy' Compared to 'a Strategic Plan'

‘ The Strategy ‘ Compared to ‘The Strategies’ or, a ‘Strategic Plan’

“The strategy”, much like the term “quality” gets abused and should used very carefully. “The strategy” can be used unambiguously only when used with clear perspective. Be careful to distinguish between the working definitions of “the strategy” compared with “a strategy” (or “the strategies”) and contrasted with “a strategic plan.” To a sharp-listening facilitator, sensitive…