Benefits of Facilitative Leadership

Make Yourself Aware of the Benefits of Facilitative Leadership

The benefits of facilitative leadership will ensue for both to the organization and the participants.  In a networked world, organizations that deploy skilled facilitators to lead projects and others teams, have allocated human capital to ensure the success of their two most expensive investments—people and meetings. As context is carefully managed, teams are free to…

The Transforming Workplace

The Transforming 

Facing consecutive days of back-to-back meetings, participants financially value the importance of well-run meetings.  Traditionally, leaders have chaired meetings and exerted control over decision-making.  As the workplace has transformed, and knowledge workers operate within a matrix of networks, modern leadership has also changed. Instead of dealing mostly with individuals (conversations or dyads), modern leaders more…

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda Design that Creates the Output You Need

To improve your meeting agenda design and effectively lead your group, follow the steps below. Before we begin, remember the definition of a solidly structured meeting (eg, MG RUSH) agenda: Meeting Agenda Design — Defined Your meeting agenda design reflects a series of steps that structure a group discussion during a meeting or workshop. MG RUSH’s pre-built or cookbook agendas provide…