Meeting Communications Plan

Meeting Communications and Results are Delivered with Guardian of Change

Guardian of Change (Meeting Communications Plan) Purpose of Meeting Communications The Guardian of Change provides a method for managing meeting communications.  For meeting results,  it delivers your meeting communications plan. Empirical research shows that it is best to guard and protect communications than to simply shout out.  Different audiences need different parts of the message and may…

How to structure an effective Meeting Introduction

How to Structure Your Most Effective Meeting Introduction

The life-cycle of a meeting or workshop has three steps (ie, Get Ready, Do It, and Review). Within each meeting, these three steps need to be carefully managed to ensure success. All agendas should include a beginning, a middle, and an end. Many meetings fail because they neglect to include all three steps. Even a lousy…

How to Manage Your Meeting Parking Lot and Action Items

How to Manage Your Meeting Parking Lot and Assign Action Items

Conclude your meeting or workshop by reviewing action items and outputs such as decisions, next steps, priorities, reports, etc. Review the output, do not relive it.  Before you manage your meeting parking lot (ie, Open Issues), ensure that pieces fit together to form one cohesive product. Then assign responsibility to Parking Lot items (ie, Open Issues)…

The Transforming Workplace

The Transforming 

Facing consecutive days of back-to-back meetings, participants financially value the importance of well-run meetings. Traditionally, leaders have chaired meetings and exerted control over decision-making. As the workplace has transformed, and knowledge workers operate within a matrix of networks, modern leadership has also changed. Instead of dealing mostly with individuals (conversations or dyads), modern leaders more…