Consensus Building Decision-Matrix

A Blueprint When Consensus Building Around All Types of Decision-Making

After reviewing some material about the optimal methodology (ie, approach) for strategic distribution planning, related to an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) project, it became quickly evident that the expert’s recommendation followed the basic principles for consensual decision-making. The three indisputable components when consensus building include: Purpose (or, intent) Options Criteria Since not all criteria is of equal value,…

Seven meeting traits success

Seven Meeting Traits that Increase Your Likelihood of Success

Avoid meeting killers. A “killer” would suggest the absence or void of its opposite, a success catalyst. There is no set formula for successful meetings, but there are seven meeting traits that suggest a strong likelihood of successful meetings, listed in alphabetical order below: Control the Operational Definitions to Prevent Scope Creep: Unless your deliverable…

A Bookworm's Travels

Beware of Overconfident Subject Matter Experts, and be Prepared to Challenge

You and I have been victim of numerous false, urban legend. So please beware of overconfident subject matter experts. For example: The Great Wall of China is NOT visible from outer space You use a lot more than ten percent of your brain Relatively speaking, it’s much safer to take candy from strangers than from…

What Do You Need from Me?

It Is NOT What is in it for me? Rather, What do you need or want from me?

One difference between high performance groups and normal or under-performing groups of people is the perspective embraced by the participants during meetings and workshops.  Most participants attend sessions with concern over What is in it for me?  That is neither the right attitude nor the right question.  What they should be asking is “What do…

bookend Method

Apply the Bookends Method to Avoid Wasting Time with Lists

The Purpose of our Bookends Method: Effective facilitators shy away from working lists in a linear fashion. The purpose of using our Bookends Method is to develop a natural habit of squeezing the grey matter towards the middle, rather than wasting too much time on it. The rationale of our Bookends Method Groups tend to argue about…

Ideation Ground Rules for Narrative Brainstorming

Five Narrative Brainstorming Methods to Generate Participant Input

The narrative Brainstorming tool comprises three steps; diverge, analyze, and converge.  Besides non-narrative methods of capturing participant input, consider the following options when gathering narrative input from your participants. With narrative brainstorming, first remember to embrace the rules of ideation. Prevent discussion while you are capturing their ideas. At the end of ideation, consider one last…

Robust Definition Tool

How to Build Consensual Definitions that Make It Easier to Plan and Decide

Here is a robust for consensual definitions of terms, phrases, or expressions with a group of meeting or workshop participants.  Keep in mind that the standards expected in the method below are demanding and include five separate activities, when combined are highly effective.  Keep this tool in your hip pocket and be prepared to use…

The Purpose Tool

The Purpose Tool: Building the Strategic Plan for a Function, Process, Activity or Product

Assuredly, organizational executives are known to go off-site to conduct strategic planning sessions, building consensus around vision and strategy to lead an organization to the future it seeks.  It’s infrequently that the Account Payable Department (or, some other function, process, activity or product) will justify off-site strategic planning sessions, and yet a group still needs…

Creativity Tool Example

Use the Creativity Tool to Launch Ideation When Brainstorming

The following Creativity tool stimulates the ideation activity of Brainstorming and enables people to express ideas and beliefs non-verbally, even if they cannot or will not do it orally. This is especially beneficial for developing visions of the business, system, or organization.  It should also be used when defining, especially complex products or processes. Creativity…

Effective Icebreakers (aka Meeting Sparks)

A Few Dozen Highly Effective Icebreakers (aka, Meeting Sparks)

Use icebreakers to get participants vocal and more participatory sooner by introducing themselves beyond name and title. The following examples can be used by virtual participants as well. When virtual, make sure all participants identify themselves before speaking. Questions to Launch Effective Icebreakers (aka Meeting Sparks) A simple yet effective-method: “If I were a . . …