Decision-Making Leadership

Decision-Making: Focus on Strategic, Operational, OR Tactical Issues

Scope creep wreaks havoc on projects and decision-making. Meetings also spin out of control because the leader allows the co-mingling of strategic, operational, AND tactical issues. Each deserves a different approach, preparation, and decision-making. Do NOT allow your meetings to jump back and forth between different issue types. Many people spend a large portion of…

Consensus Building Decision-Matrix

A Blueprint When Consensus Building Around All Types of Decision-Making

After reviewing some material about the optimal methodology (ie, approach) for strategic distribution planning, related to an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) project, it became quickly evident that the expert’s recommendation followed the basic principles for consensual decision-making. The three indisputable components when consensus building include: Purpose (or, intent) Options Criteria Since not all criteria is of equal value,…

Robust Definition Tool

How to Build a Consensual Definition Making It Easier to Plan and Decide

To build an operational and consensual definition that your group can live with, in their own words, and with their understanding, use the following method. Since narrative descriptions alone may fall short of the entire meaning, we also want to support the consensual definition with illustration and examples. Use this robust method for consensual definitions…

The Purpose Tool

The Purpose Tool: Building the Strategic Plan for a Function, Process, Activity or Product

Assuredly, organizational executives are known to go off-site to conduct strategic planning sessions, building consensus around vision and strategy to lead an organization to the future it seeks. Yet infrequently, if ever, the Account Payable Department (or, some other function, process, activity or product) justifies off-site strategic planning sessions. They still need consensus around why…