Removing the Weight of the World

Mother Teresa’s Holiday Message of Prescribed Actions and Behaviours

A large portion of the world celebrates holidays around December. Since one traditional greeting in the English language is “Merry Christmas”, it begs the question, HOW. While the thought may be genuine, and the words rich with historical precedence, HOW DOES a facilitator go about making today (and tomorrow) merry? The solution begins with attitude,…

Meeting Announcement

Meeting Announcement Considerations Prior to Shipping a Pre-Read

Before you send a meeting or workshop pre-read to participants, consider a formal meeting announcement rather than an informal calendar invite. If accepted, follow-up the announcement with the invite, and then your pre-read package. While all of the following is not necessary, put yourself in the position of the participant. Therefore, ask yourself, “Would I…

Meeting Introduction, Why Individual Decisions are Made

Neuroeconomics and Neurofacilitation: Rational Decisions Maximize Utility

World scientists are striving to map activity in the human brain. Presumably, a map of neural activity will shed light on how the brain works and how choices are made. Concurrently, there has been an upsurge in related fields seeking to understand human nature and behavior change: neuroaccounting, neuroeconomics, neurotics, neurofinance, neuroleadership, neurolinguisics, neuromanagement, neuromarketing,…

Keeping Groups Mentally Sharp

Challenge the Status Quo, such as “We don’t do things that way around here.”

Those of you familiar with the MG RUSH curriculum remember the challenge of the “bookworm” exercise that only one or two students get correct per year. Here is another similar, quickly run challenge to test groups resistant to change or inclined to simply “vote on things.” Remember, Challenge the Status Quo. Framing Answer Add an “A”…