One way to stir things up in meetings would be to begin calling the Parking Lot a Meeting Refrigerator. Here is why.

The term Parking Lot connotes a place of rest, where no progress is made, and stuff begins to rust. Items left in the Parking Lot can even be forgotten or ignored. They might accumulate a lot of dust (or snow) before we get to them and clean them up a bit.

Changing an organizational culture provides as many challenges as you can imagine, typical of mergers and acquisitions. Without some patience, time, and more patience, most efforts fail. Change itself faces so much resistance that it will not happen ‘overnight.’

We can however take little stabs at calibrating, modifying, and shifting behaviors. For example, calling the Parking Lot a Meeting Refrigerator. Eventually change occurs once hitting an inflection point.

Place items in a Meeting Refrigerator (instead of a Parking Lot) to preserve and protect them. In fact, some things we take out of a Meeting Refrigerator can be re-cooked to provide an entire meal(s), where our business meals are frequently called projects.

We won’t bore you here on how to manage ‘Parking Lot’ issues as you can refer to links below to find exacting details. Here we simply appeal to shake things up a bit, by calling the ‘Parking Lot’ a Meeting Refrigerator because your open items are worth preserving and protecting, rather than ignoring.


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Facilitation Expert

Terrence Metz, CSM, PSPO, CSPF, is the Managing Director of MG RUSH Facilitation Training and Coaching, the acknowledged leader in structured facilitation training. His FAST Facilitation Best Practices blog features over 300 articles on facilitation skills and tools aimed at helping others lead faster, more productive meetings and workshops that yield higher quality decisions. His clients include Agilists, Scrum teams, program and project managers, senior officers, and the business analyst community among numerous private and public companies and global corporations. As an undergraduate of Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) and MBA graduate from NWU’s Kellogg School of Management, his professional experience has focused on process improvement and product development. He continually aspires to make it easier for others to succeed.

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