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Let’s be thoughtful and share some positive perspectives and information.

Therefore, keep in mind that “information” means to be in formation (ie, akin to work in progress).

In other words — Let’s Be Thankful

For instance, using a Delphi panel and research method over 15 years, the Millennium Project has identified hundreds of indicators of humanity’s progress or regress. Since you will no doubt be exposed to some of the negative factors reading or listening to the “news”, consider these dozen vectors as positive, stipulated in the December 2011 issue of “The Futurist.”

  • Access to clean water (percentage of people with)blank
  • Adult literacy rate
  • Enrolled in secondary school (percentage of people)
  • GDP per capita
  • GDP per unit of energy consumption
  • HIV prevalence among fifteen to 49 year olds
  • Infant mortality rates
  • Internet access and use
  • Life expectancy
  • People living on USD$1.25 a day (purchasing power parity)
  • Physicians and health care workers per 1,000 people
  • Quantity of countries that have or plan to have nuclear weapons
  • Research and development expenditures (percentage of national budgets)
  • Total debt service in low- and mid-income countries
  • Undernourishment
  • Women in parliamentary governments (percentage of)


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