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ScrumMaster plus Professional Facilitator?  



Hi, I just finished my ScrumMaster certification and came across your facilitation training site. What benefits would there be from me obtaining your professional facilitation certification?

     Congratulations on your CSM badge.  Imagine you'll keep a more agile mindset in the future, making you an ideal candidate for professional facilitation training.  While most CSM training covers the basics of Scrum events and activities, they don't have time in only two days to explain HOW to do it.  


     In addition to securing another professional certification (sort of like having two Masters degrees), you will be exposed to the principles of WHY before WHAT before HOW.  We'll cover DONE from the moment we start, and provide you with more than three dozen tools that are proven to help groups make higher quality decisions.


     Including eight methods of prioritization, we'll show you how to test for decision quality before your event concludes.  We cover a thorough and complete analysis of each step in Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective, providing you with various tools and options to use.

We could go on further . . . but encourage you instead to look at the detailed agenda found at https://mgrush.com/agile-scrum-facilitation-training/ and then let us know what follow-up questions you may have.  Indeed, if you are thirsty, we'll give you a firehose to take a drink.


     Additionally, please find some select material with the ATTACHED that arrays much of the material covered and tools provided:     180404m_AGILE_Scrum-Events.pdf