Premier Facilitators

Twelve Behaviors that Define Great Facilitators

  Today we bring you twelve significant behaviors that define successful, professional facilitators. (ie, GREAT Facilitators) Our scope focuses on structured facilitation (NOT Kum-Bah-Yah). Structured facilitation requires a balanced blend of leadership, facilitation, and methodology. (An alpha sort sequences the following, not order of importance). The first three behaviors: 7:59 AM preparation and interviews 
(ie, managing expectations and ownership).…

RACI - Roles and Responsibilities

How to Transform a Roles and Responsibility Matrix into a GANTT Chart

Here’s how to create a Gantt chart or basic timeline when your discussion or meeting deliverable includes assignments for actions that have already been built or identified. As a result of capturing the additional inputs below, you develop consensual understanding from your group’s roles and responsibility matrix (RACI or RASI or LACTI). (1) WHO will take…

Dial Up Decision Quality with More Diverse Teams

Four Reasons You Will Dial Up Decision Quality with More Diverse Teams

Decision quality increases with the number of available options. The MG RUSH technique has long promoted the concept of teams to improve decision quality.  Most understand that properly facilitated teams are smarter than the smartest person on the team, especially with diverse teams. Teams create more options than aggregating individual inputs. Diverse teams push even…