MG RUSH 650 Advanced Facilitation Training will review, refine, and enhance the facilitation and workshop-structuring skills of the experienced session leader. The students will spend approximately three-quarters of their time in participatory demonstrations, discussion, exercises, and practice sessions with the remaining one-quarter investigating new content and tools.

(For experienced facilitators who have taken formal facilitation training (preferably our professional-level course) and have facilitated twelve or more meetings or three or more full-day workshops.)

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The advanced facilitation training is designed so that the students will be able to:

  • Adapt real-life learnings from gathering requirements
  • Enhance agenda-building skills for part-day meetings
  • Expand virtual and tele-video/presence leadership skills
  • Improve ability to help groups agree and prioritize
  • Lead groups to make higher-quality and measurable decisions
  • Learn and apply new tools for meetings and workshops
  • Practice “HOW TO” tools for managing conflict and confronting issues


  • Breakthrough and innovation tools
  • Change management framework and suggestions
  • Decision-making tools
  • Executing your strategy—facilitative strategy mapping
  • Graphics and visual display—expanding their use
  • Hip-pocket tool deployment
  • Interactive feedback from student challenges
  • Scenario planning and temporal shift through multiple SWOT analysis


  • Advanced material on virtual meetings including video meetings
  • Advanced practice sessions and personalized evaluation/ feedback
  • Building approaches—starting with the “end” in mind and holarchy review
  • Getting groups to decide (i.e., finessing extreme personality problems)
  • Graphic display of information
  • Personalized review
  • Preparation—deciding on prioritization approach
  • Risk-reward of approach options (i.e., comparison and application of decision making and innovation tools)
  • Student exchange of facilitation struggles and advanced class expectations


  • Review and expectations
  • Leadership Challenges
  • Recorded Practice Session
  • Facilitating Conflict
  • Methodological Support
  • Building Agendas
  • Recorded Case Studies
  • Celebration


    • Meeting Leadership Challenges and Solutions
    • Meeting Purposes: What Tasks Are You Asking Your Group To Accomplish?
    • What Takes the Energy Out of Meetings with Good People and Intent?
    • Challenges and Costs Associated with Hosting Meetings
    • Problems with Meetings and What to Do about Them
    • How to Get Promising Meetings to Fail
    • Primary Types of Meetings and the Boundaries to Closely Manage
    • Traits that Increase the Likelihood of Successful Meetings
    • Compelling Business or Organizational Reasons to Hold a Facilitated Session
    • Reasons for Hosting Workshops Differ from Hosting Meetings
    • Valuable Tips and Essential Issues for “Chairing” Successful Meetings
    • How to Facilitate Scientists and Engineers
    • Ways to Facilitate Quiet People and Get Them to Participate More Fully
    • Considerations on How to Facilitate between Europeans and Asians
    • Top Skills for Managing Change in an Enterprise or Organization
    • When Quality Decision Making is Not Enough and Speed of Action is Required
    • Simple Agenda for Agreeing on Who Does What to Support a Purpose
    • How to Build Stakeholder Analysis and Galvanize Consensual Understanding
    • Considerations on How to Facilitate between Europeans and Asians
    • Questions to Ask When Managing Risk and Reward in an Innovation Portfolio


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