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“This was one of the best training classes I have had to date as an employee at USAA. It is always great to learn that you have tremendous opportunity to improve and grow in a particular skill; especially when that skill transcends many lines and types of work. Additionally, there is always value when you can attend a training to help you improve and get tools, techniques, and demonstrations on how to incorporate them and implement them on a daily basis.

I hope to see you again in the future; I will never forget you for what you have given to me….true knowledge.” – Mark R, Business Manager

“The Alumni section is super useful!” – B.A., Technical Assistant

Thank you for considering MG RUSH for Advanced Facilitation Training. Our 2-day training will refine and enhance the facilitation and workshop-structuring skills of your experienced session leaders. For more information, submit the inquiry below (and we will contact you), or call us directly at (630) 954-5880.

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