(Uploaded January of 2017 – A sampling of Alumni testimonials from the 2nd half of 2016)

“My deep and most sincere thanks for the professionalism, expertise, rich materials, and honest feedback that you brought to the course this week. I haven’t had the pleasure of a class like this in too many years. I found it invigorating in a way that I’ve honestly needed for too long. :)” – J.D., Data Management Supervisor

“I’ve taken 100+ days of training and this course was the best at teaching the material because we used what was learned in practice. The week flew by! I will be much more confident in practice.” – A.S., Planning Analyst

“Thanks so much for an enlightening experience. Course format is aggressive but in a good way. Absolutely fantastic! Your knowledge of the field is encyclopedic. WOW !!” – R.M., Process Improvement/Process Consulting Specialist

“Terrence did a great job welcoming the students, encouraging discussion, and answering questions relevant to our personal experiences.” – B.F., Associate Business Applications Analyst


“Appreciate the honest feedback in a safe environment. I learned so much! Thank You !!” – K.K., Executive Director, Office of Educator Quality

“The instructor was well prepared, knowledgeable, and provided a good atmosphere for learning. This was probably the best professional course I have ever taken.” – C.A., Program Analyst

“Thank you! A wonderful experience!” – M.H., Administrator

“There was a lack of understanding of the role for facilitating before this class. I was able to learn clear lines in roles and responsibilities along with effective tools and methodologies to apply. Instructor was highly effective, easy to learn from, relatable, kept my attention, and used fun facts to keep us engaged!” – P.O., Business Consulting Senior Specialist

“The most valuable parts were the practice, personal interactions, walk-through of tools. All of the above generated greater understanding of content.” – B.D., Senior Project Manager

“Thank-You! Great week. Valuable use of my time and organizational resources.” – M.S., Strategist

“I found the entire course content valuable and importantly, applicable! Terrence, it was a real pleasure and excellent learning opportunity! You Rock!!” – S.M., Certified Coach

“The most valuable parts were the methods and tools I can explore further and apply to practical needs at work. Great class, glad I took it. Terrence did a great job and knows his stuff.” – C.C., MBA, PMP, Sr. Business Analyst

“Learned thinking on my feet for conflict and disagreements, getting input in various ways >>> different breakout sessions, the annotated agenda. Really did a great job explaining purposes/ tools and made it fun and comfortable environment. Thoroughly enjoyed this course and will definitely use the skills learned.” – J.H., Senior Intelligence Research Specialist

“I know I ranked most things with their highest marks. This is not my typical behavior. This class and instructor really have changed the way I think.” – A.D., project manager


“The course exceeded my expectations. Each day provided separate yet collective learnings. My view of facilitation has definitely been expanded. I have zero reservations in recommending this course to anyone or any group that needs assistance in facilitation skills.” – D.H., director leadership development

“Should have taken this course years ago. Awesome!!” – P.W., business relations manager

“I have taken a lot of training as a working professional over fifteen years plus and this course by far will be the most valuable and practiced. Thank-you.” – S.L., project manager

“Best course I have taken. The skills will be valuable in personal and professional life. It is already helping me professionally and I am applying some of the items I learned to my personal life.” – A.G., project support coordinator

“This is by far the most valuable training class I have taken. I feel I will continue to get stronger because of the class.” – B.N., Risk Management

“I have already applied skills taught to get through my meeting yesterday. It gives you a new perspective on meetings and how not having proper facilitation leads to a less than effective meeting.” – T.W., Team Lead

“Immediately I have benefitted from the training. It was one of the best courses that I have ever taken.” – T.G., Reliability Engineer

“This is one of the best investments I’ve made. I am confident there will be many high returns. Thanks for the great instruction.” – R.G., Project Manager

“I use this training every day and attribute this to some of the reason I promoted twice in the last year.” – S.D., General Manager

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