Facilitate Brainstorming and Get Out of the Box

How to Facilitate Brainstorming: Primer/ Overview of Three Main Steps

The term “brainstorming” is technically a gerund, a verb that wants to be a noun.  A gerund implies more than one step or activity.  Brainstorming has three.  To facilitate brainstorming properly can be highly effective.  When done poorly, it leaves a bad taste in peoples’ mouths. Optimal brainstorming includes three discrete activities: List (also known…

Transform Force-Field Analysis into Actions

How to Facilitate Transforming Force-Field Analysis into Actions

This force-field analysis tool modifies and improves upon a similar approach called “pros & cons.” Force-field analysis helps groups identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement, especially among project teams.  Force-field analysis makes it easier for groups to organize their thinking while encouraging thoughtful exploration.  Once supportive and hindering forces are identified, the group analyzes their impact, leading to ideas and actions that reinforce the…

The Transforming Workplace

The Transforming 

Facing consecutive days of back-to-back meetings, participants financially value the importance of well-run meetings.  Traditionally, leaders have chaired meetings and exerted control over decision-making.  As the workplace has transformed, and knowledge workers operate within a matrix of networks, modern leadership has also changed. Instead of dealing mostly with individuals (conversations or dyads), modern leaders more…