The Futurist (May-June 2012, see encapsulated six megatrends identified by the Georgia Institute of Technology (according to FutureMedia director Renu Kulkarni, see Each of these megatrends will see breakthrough research and innovation in the years ahead that will affect facilitative leadership.

Tomorrow’s media will be increasingly personal and flexible, providing a more robust ability to filter out what individuals do not want, and to more fully support, what individuals might intuit as desirable.  The six megatrends are:


  1. Collaboration to harness the power of “an increasingly conversational and participatory world”
  2. Content integrity to monitor data vulnerability and better vet the original sources of information
  3. Nimble media to help ease movement across platforms such as hand-held and larger, appliance type devices
  4. People platforms that allow individuals to improve their social networks
  5. Sixth sense integrating most or all five physical senses in a digital “mixed reality
  6. Smart data that delivers what is sought

Facilitation Skills

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